Detroit, USA water shutoffs during coronavirus pandemic

This 13 April 2020 video from the USA says about itself:

Wash Your Hands? Despite Pandemic, Thousands Still Have No Water in Detroit, a Coronavirus Hot Spot

Water shutoffs continue amid the coronavirus pandemic in Detroit, despite a moratorium and a program to help thousands of residents restore service last month. The lack of water access comes as nearly 1,500 people in Michigan have died from COVID-19, and 40% of those who have died are African-American, despite making up just 14% of the state’s population. We speak with community pastor and activist Rev. Roslyn Bouier, who has been working with residents to restore their water.

27 thoughts on “Detroit, USA water shutoffs during coronavirus pandemic

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  2. Drinkwater Sint-Eustatius op rantsoen

    Op Sint-Eustatius is onrust ontstaan doordat het lokale drinkwaterbedrijf drinkwater voor onbepaalde tijd op rantsoen heeft gezet. Er is geen reden opgegeven.

    Prominenten van het eiland noemen de rantsoeneringsmaatregel in een brief aan het bestuur onacceptabel, omdat ook inwoners van het eiland nadrukkelijk wordt verzocht regelmatig hun handen te wassen om de verspreiding van het coronavirus tegen te gaan.

    Dit jaar is het drinkwater al drie keer eerder op rantsoen gegaan. Meestal komt dat door kapotte pompen of lekkende leidingen. Op Sint-Eustatius zijn twee mensen positief getest op corona, zij kwamen via Sint Maarten uit Nederland.


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    Power the fight for public health in Detroit. Donate now >>
    End water shutoffs.

    Simply put, Detroit’s water shutoff policy amounts to a punishment for being poor and Black, and it exposes affected households to infection and disease, especially during a pandemic.

    That’s why today, LDF, along with co-counsel ACLU of Michigan, led a coalition of civil rights attorneys that filed a class action lawsuit in federal court to make water affordable and permanently end water shutoffs for Detroit residents.

    These are the facts:

    Detroit’s water rates are among the highest in the nation, and combined with a high poverty rate, especially among Black Detroiters, they leave many families with water bills that far exceed their ability to pay.
    Some families live for years without water service, while others are trapped in a cycle of water insecurity, with repeated disconnections and reconnections.
    Black residents are disproportionately affected: from January 2017 to July 2018, 95% of water shutoffs occurred in Census tracts with a majority-Black population, and only 5% occurred in tracts that had a population that was less than 50% Black. Water shutoff data reviewed for the period between January 2019 and January 2020 showed the same level of disparities.
    The COVID-19 health crisis has devastated Detroit’s Black community. Data compiled by the City of Detroit shows that Black people account for 81.3% of deaths in the city.

    For years, Detroit residents, health experts, and advocates have been calling for a water affordability plan that charges people for water according to their income, but the City of Detroit has refused to put one in place.

    Here’s the bottom line: Detroit’s water shutoff policy violates the civil rights of thousands of the city’s residents by forcing them to live without a service essential to their health. Water shutoffs disproportionately affect Black Detroiters in violation of the Fair Housing Act, the lawsuit alleges, and pose a severe threat to public health by making hand washing and other hygiene maintenance an impossibility.

    Our lawsuit seeks to permanently end the water shutoff policy and asks for a court order immediately preventing shutoffs from resuming. And we’re calling for Detroit to adopt a water affordability plan, like plans adopted long before the current pandemic by the cities of Baltimore and Philadelphia.

    If state and city officials are serious about ending structural racism, they can start by putting an end to Detroit’s water shutoff policy today and instituting an effective water affordability plan. This case reaffirms LDF’s commitment to combating discrimination in municipal water practices.

    Lola, we’ll never be silent when discriminatory policies put Black communities in danger. That’s why we’re filing in court today — will you stand with us in this fight? Donate today >>

    With you in solidarity,
    Sherrilyn A. Ifill
    President and Director-Counsel

    LDF. Defend. Educate. Empower.
    NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc.
    40 Rector Street, 5th floor • New York, NY 10006


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