Israeli, Dutch reopened schools, COVID-19 epicentres

This 31 May 2020 video from Israel says about itself:

COVID-19 Outbreak in Jerusalem-based High School

i24NEWS DESK | The trend of coronavirus contamination in Israeli schools continued as three schools in Holon, Kiryat Ye’arim and Jerusalem reported overnight Saturday new cases of COVID-19.

After a major drop in the number of infections, prompting the Jewish state to gradually reopen its economy and restart the education system, a surge of new cases was recorded over the past weekend.

More than 100 pupils and staff members of Gymnasia Rehavia School in Jerusalem were tested positive for COVID-19. …

On Saturday, a seventh-grade pupil from Katzir School in Holon was found carrying the disease after he was feeling ill in the last few days. Four pupils and six teachers were sent into quarantine for 14 days following the incident, Hebrew-language outlet N12 reported.

In Kiryat Ye’arim, eight students were identified with coronavirus as more infections in the high school yeshiva in the ultra-Orthodox town are suspected.

Despite the spike in Jerusalem cases, the municipality had decided not to shutter schools in the capital — except for the Gymnasia school, having recorded 121 COVID-19 cases, which will not open this week.

Translated from Dutch NOS radio today:

There is an outbreak of the coronavirus in schools in Israel. A total of 42 primary and secondary schools have been closed in several cities. At least 244 teachers and students are infected and almost 7000 teachers and students are in quarantine.

According to the Ministry of Health, schools are now the main source of covid infections …

Yesterday Prime Minister Netanyahu announced that he would keep most schools open for the time being, but that may change later this week.

Yesterday, Israel had 116 new infections, the highest number in a month.

Also translated from Dutch NOS radio today:

A primary school in The Hague is closing because of two teachers who are infected with the coronavirus, a spokesperson for the umbrella organization The Hague Schools confirms after a report by Omroep West broadcasting organisation. It concerns primary school De Springbok, with two locations in the city.

The teachers were tested yesterday, today they received the results. The teachers have not taught since they felt complaints last weekend, says the school.

There are about 500 children at the school, seven of whom have symptoms of the coronavirus. …

The pupils are now getting online home education again.

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