‘Heil Hitler, Heil Trump’ in Texas, USA

Heil Hitler, Heil Trump in the USA. A group of seniors at Cypress Ranch High School in Houston, Texas, were seen giving the Nazi salute as they had a class photo taken.

From the very conservative Daily Mail in Britain:

Texas high school students give Nazi salute and shout ‘Heil Hitler, Heil Trump‘ as they have class photo taken

Seniors were having class photo taken at Cypress Ranch High School in Texas
A group of ’70 or so’ of the students were having photo taken at the time
At least ten were photographed giving the Nazi salute by other students
They claimed the group was chanting ‘Heil Hitler, Heil Trump’ as they saluted

By Jennifer Smith For Dailymail.com

Published: 14:10 GMT, 2 February 2017 | Updated: 18:21 GMT, 2 February 2017

A group of Texas high school students gave Nazi salutes and shouted ‘Heil Hitler, Heil Trump’ as they had a class photograph taken.

The seniors at Cypress Ranch High School, a public high school in Houston, were posing for the photograph on Tuesday when ‘dozens’ of white students launched into the offensive pose.

Other students who weren’t involved took photographs of the outburst and shared them online and with local media.

‘There was around 70 or so people. It was pretty terrifying,’ they told Click 2 Houston.

One youngster whose siblings attend the school shared how they’d claimed the boys launched into the Nazi salute in response to a group of female students giving the ‘black power fist’.

He revealed other students’ claims that teachers did ‘nothing’ to stop them. Another student said she had found swastikas carved into her desk.

A Massachusetts high school teacher has been suspended from her job after rescinding a college recommendation letter for a student caught making a swastika: here.

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