Trump’s COVID-spreading rally, animated cartoon video

This 19 June 2020 animated cartoon video by Mark Fiore from the USA says about itself:


With Donald Trump’s Tulsa campaign rally right around the corner, MAGAmmunity is on the way. Even though Tulsa’s top health official warned that the Trump rally could become a “superspreader” event, MAGA rallies are in the works for Oklahoma and elsewhere.

The Trump administration and campaign seem to be doing everything they can to pretend all is back to normal and we have nothing to worry about. (Except for that inconvenient little liability waiver when you sign up to attend a rally.) The president keeps using his bully pulpit to tout miracle cures and downplay the risks of the coronavirus pandemic. And let’s not forget how Trump encouraged armed anti-social distancing rebellion in Michigan and other states.

Trump’s message keeps spreading like a deadly virus — from unfounded “antifa” rumors that lead to violent confrontations with peaceful protesters to death threats against local public health officials. The president has been playing with fire since he decided to run for office, he has now spread smoldering embers across the country.

5 thoughts on “Trump’s COVID-spreading rally, animated cartoon video

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