Bad coronavirus news from South Korea, Germany

This 11 May 2020 video says about itself:

As South Korea Reopens, New Coronavirus Cluster Traced To Nightclub Visitor | TODAY

South Korea’s closely watched effort to lift coronavirus restrictions suffered a major setback this weekend when more than 80 cases were traced back to one man who went to nightclubs without a mask. NBC’s Kelly Cobiella joins TODAY from South Korea to explain what happened and how officials are responding.

South Korea and Germany are two countries often named as examples of governments dealing better with the coronavirus pandemic than elsewhere. That is certainly true, if one compares to Donald Trump’s USA, Bolsonaro’s Brazil and Boris Johnson’s Britain.

In South Korea, there has been much more coronavirus testing than in, eg, the USA.

Though in Germany austerity had caused closing down of hospitals for financial reasons, that had happened less than in, eg, the Netherlands.

However, today there is bad news from both countries.

Translated from Dutch NOS radio:

South Korea closes schools again after virus resurgence

In South Korea, more than two hundred schools have to be closed again, just days after opening the doors again. The reason is an outbreak of the coronavirus in a distribution center west of the capital Seoul. In 24 hours, 56 people were tested positive. The authorities are concerned because the infections have been identified near a densely populated area.

As a precaution, 251 schools in the region must be closed. Hundreds of others that were still closed due to coronavirus have yet to remain closed. South Koreans are also called upon to better adhere to the distance rules.

Parks and museums in the Seoul region are closing and people are advised to avoid busy areas.

Dutch daily Het Parool reports that in Germany, the Robert Koch Institut health authority reports today 741 new coronavirus infections. While yesterday, they reported ‘only’ 353 newly infected people.

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