Florida school massacre survivor against Trump, NRA

This 17 February 2018 video from the USA says about itself:

Emma Gonzalez, a senior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School who survived Wednesday’s mass shooting, gave a blistering speech at an anti-gun rally on Saturday about the politicians complicit in the murder of her classmates.

It was yet another reminder that the teenagers and children who grew up in the shadow of school shootings (and the 150,000 who survived one) are more practical—and less tolerant of empty rhetoric—than the adults who are supposed to protect them.

Gonzalez had no use for crocodile tears from President Trump, who was in Florida on Friday to offer his condolences (and, reportedly, to drop by a Studio 54 theme party at Mar-a-Lago):

“If the president wants to come up to me and tell me to my face that it was a terrible tragedy, and how it should never have happened, and maintain telling us how nothing is going to be done about it, I’m going to happily ask him how much money he received from the National Rifle Association. But hey, you want to know something? It doesn’t matter, because I already know: $30 million. … To every politician who is taking donations from the NRA, shame on you!”

Florida teen Emma Gonzalez called out Trump’s cozy relationship with the NRA. Not long after, Trump threw another Twitter tantrum, blaming Democrats for gun violence: here.

The first funerals were held Thursday and Friday for several of the 17 students and staff killed in the horrific massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida: here.

Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz made anti-Semitic and other racist comments in a private Instagram group chat. He wrote in the group chat that he joined around August 2017 specifically that he hated “jews, ni—ers, immigrants,” and showed that he had an obsession with violence and guns, CNN first reported on Saturday. Read more here.

NRA and US Congress, cartoon

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  2. THOUSANDS of people demonstrated in Florida at the weekend to demand stricter gun laws following 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz’s shooting spree at a school which left 17 children and staff dead.

    Activists are planning more rallies across the country in the coming weeks, with organisers behind the Women’s March calling for a 17-minute nationwide walkout by teachers and students on March 14.

    The Network for Public Education, an anti-privatisation group, announced a day of walkouts, sit-ins and other events on school campuses on April 20, the anniversary of the 1999 shooting at Columbine High School in Colorado in which two teenage boys massacred 12 students and one teacher.

    Huge crowds rallied for tougher gun laws in Fort Lauderdale and St Petersburg, respectively about 25 and 250 miles away from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland.

    “The fact that we can’t go to school and feel safe every day, when we’re supposed to feel safe, is a problem,” secondary school pupil Fabiana Corsa said in Fort Lauderdale.

    She said elected representatives were “sacrificing students” in order to get money from the National Rifle Association.

    The crowd at the rally chanted: “Vote them out!” and held signs calling for action. Some read: “Never Again,” “Do something now” and “Don’t Let My Friends Die.”

    Gun lobbyists typically claim that the country’s founders promised over 230 years ago that citizens have the right to own deadly weapons.

    This year there have been eight separate school shootings, with 20 children and staff killed and 40 wounded.



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  16. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/oliver-north-nra-parkland-survivors-fred-guttenberg_us_5af84f65e4b0e57cd9fa6e52
    > Parkland Dad Has Pointed Message For Oliver North, NRA’s New President
    > “We’re not criminal civil terrorists,” Fred Guttenberg responded to North. “We’re people with a broken heart.”
    > The new president of the National Rifle Association, Oliver North , compared advocates of gun control to civil terrorists in an interview last week. The father of a 14-year-old girl killed in the Parkland, Florida, school shooting in February has offered a powerful rebuttal.
    > “We’re not criminal civil terrorists,” Fred Guttenberg told Newsweek in response to North’s remarks.. “We’re people with a broken heart.”
    > “The NRA and people like Oliver North, to them, it’s a job,” Guttenberg said as he discussed the gun control debate spurred by the shooting. “They could retire and go on with their life. I can’t, because my daughter isn’t here.”
    > Guttenberg’s daughter, Jaime, was among the 17 people killed in the February massacre.
    > North, named the NRA’s new president last Monday, told the conservative newspaper The Washington Times that the gun group had become the victim of “civil terrorism.”
    > Advocates for stricter gun control had launched a “cyberwar” against the NRA, he said, and threatened the group’s members.. He gave the example of a protester charged with a misdemeanor after she sprayed fake blood on the home of an NRA lobbyist.
    > “They call them activists. That’s what they’re calling themselves. They’re not activists — this is civil terrorism. This is the kind of thing that’s never been seen against a civil rights organization in America,” North told the Times. “You go back to the terrible days of Jim Crow and those kinds of things — even there you didn’t have this kind of thing. We didn’t have the cyberwar kind of thing that we’ve got today.”
    > North ― a retired lieutenant colonel known for his role in the Iran-Contra scandal of the 1980s ― added that he did not believe that the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland in which 17 people died had “fundamentally changed” the national gun debate. And he said the young survivors of the shooting, some of whom have emerged as leaders of the recent national movement against gun violence, had been “swept up by a broader propaganda machine.”
    > “What they did very successfully with a frontal assault, and now intimidation and harassment and lawbreaking, is they confused the American people,” he said of the activists.
    > North has been widely criticized for his comments . Stoneman Douglas students Lauren Hoggs and Cameron Kasky used Twitter posts to lambast North and the NRA.
    > Never knew that not wanting to die by being shot by an AR-15 in my classroom was considered terrorism.
    > Thanks @NRA now I know. http://www.newsweek.com/nra-oliver-north-parkland-terrorists-919989 … — Lauren Hogg (@lauren_hoggs) 7:48 AM – May 11, 2018
    > Go ahead, North.
    > It speaks so beautifully for the NRA’s true colors that they put this crook in charge. https://twitter.com/salon/status/994671010736721924 … — Cameron Kasky (@cameron_kasky) 6:12 PM – May 10, 2018
    > Guttenberg also posted on the social media platform to challenge the NRA president.
    > “My daughter was murdered by an AR 15 … so I do not care what you think of me,” Guttenberg said in a series of messages.
    > Oliver Noth, my daughter was murdered by an AR 15 in school and nothing changes that, and so I do not care what you think of me.http://www.newsweek.com/nra-oliver-north-parkland-terrorists-919989 … — Fred Guttenberg (@fred_guttenberg) 5:15 PM – May 10, 2018
    > Throughout this process I have refused to personally attack anyone. However, your ridiculous, hateful, shameful, cruel, stupid, pathetic remark has certainly tested me. So that we are clear, the other Parkland gun crime victims and I are not civil terrorists. We are a determined
    > — Fred Guttenberg (@fred_guttenberg) 5:15 PM – May 10, 2018
    > group. We will end your reign of terror and we will pass common sense gun safety in this country. Your remarks sound like the remarks of a lobby that has already lost the argument and so you attack us..
    > — Fred Guttenberg (@fred_guttenberg) 5:15 PM – May 10, 2018
    > We have been swept up in the determination to pass common sense gun reform. We will succeed. If that bothers you, then quit your new job or contact me to become a part of the solution.https://mobile.nytimes.com/2018/05/11/us/oliver-north-nra-parkland.html … — Fred Guttenberg (@fred_guttenberg) 2:00 PM – May 11, 2018


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