Coronavirus and elections in Trump’s USA

This 28 October 2020 video from the USA says about itself:

Can We Stop Trump From Stealing 2020? (w/ Dr. Justin Frank)

Back in 2000, Dr. Justin Frank felt that jackboots were about to march down Pennsylvania Avenue. And all to do with votes and those infamous hanging chads not being counted. Is it all about to happen again?

New study suggests COVID-19 may age some patients‘ brains by 10 years.

THIS IS VOTER INTIMIDATION There is an unmistakable effort underway to intimidate voters — specifically Democratic voters — when they go to the polls. Right-wing groups are organizing to show up at polls with guns, a development election officials fear will create an unsafe environment for other voters to cast their ballots. In one swing state, an effort to limit the presence of guns at polling locations was met with a court fight and a standoff between the state’s election officials and some members of law enforcement. Only about a dozen states explicitly ban open or concealed carry of firearms at the polls. [HuffPost]

WITH JUST eight days to go before the US presidential election the right-wing judge Amy Coney Barrett was appointed to the American Supreme Court ensuring a Republican majority. US president Donald Trump nominated Barrett and rushed through her appointment in a move that clearly demonstrates the important role that a Republican-dominated Supreme Court will play in Trump’s determination to overturn his expected defeat at the polls on November 3rd. Back in August, Trump launched a campaign to discredit postal balloting in US elections with the baseless claim that voting by mail leads to fraud: here.

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