Dutch racists smear excrement on mosque

Veenendaal mosque smeared with excrement and sanitary napkin, photo by Yasin Makineli

Translated from Dutch regional broadcasting organisation RTV Utrecht today:

Nasser Mosque in Veenendaal has been the target of vandalism. Walls and doors were daubed and smeared on Sunday night. Poop and sanitary napkins were used for this.

Similar to what French rascists did earlier to a mosque.

The mosque board says it has informed the police. Camera images have also been provided to the police, who are now investigating.

You can also see pictures of the smeared mosque on Twitter.

“Of course it is terrible that this has happened, but let’s not panic unnecessarily and let the police do their work,” writes the mosque executive on Facebook.

4 thoughts on “Dutch racists smear excrement on mosque

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