British paramilitary nazis attack photographer

This video is called On the streets with far-right extremists Britain First.

By Luke James in Britain:

Britain First thugs try to detain Hope Not Hate photographer

Monday 7th July 2014

ASHAMED Britain First thugs attempted yesterday to make a citizen’s arrest on a photographer taking snaps of the latest leg of their hate tour.

Members of the self-styled paramilitary group pounced on the female snapper as she followed them to their latest meeting at the Park Lane pub in Wigan.

Photos sent to the Morning Star show how Britain First leader Paul Golding fled into an Asian-run shop in a bid to avoid being caught on camera.

The photographer was with a team of Hope Not Hate activists monitoring the fascists’ movements.

Hope Not Hate spokesman Simon Cressy told the Star: “The photographer went to the venue, they wouldn’t let her in when she showed her press card and then they tried to arrest her.

“They’ve decided to issue a citizens arrest because they’re paramilities and they think they have the right to arrest.

Photos show Mr Golding went into the shop wearing a polo shirt but emerged having changed into a silver suit, white shirt and tie on his way to rally a small gang of fascist activists gathered at the pub.

A Facebook page promised refreshments, speeches and a question-and-answer session at the event. And it urged racists to “bring your friends.”

Britain First had attempted to keep the rally location secret by telling racist supporters to meet at a nearby railway station and await further directions.

But their cover was blown by Hope Not Hate activists, who also helped scupper an event in Dronfield on Saturday.

A Britain First member had booked a room at the White Swan pub in the Derbyshire town without telling the landlord it would be used to whip up support for the racist organisation’s campaign of mosque invasions.

When police alerted the landlord, the fascists were told they were not welcome.

A message posted by the pub’s Twitter account yesterday said: “The function room was booked under false pretences, we had no idea it was Britain First until last night.”

The White Swan was deluged with messages of support for their stand against fascism.

Lisa Lawley tweeted: “Next time I visit Yorkshire I will be certain to pay a visit and shake the landlord’s hand. #stillsmiling”

BRITAIN First’s claim that leader Paul Golding had been nicked for a fourth time was yesterday exposed as a desperate lie designed to raise cash for their fascist gang: here.

15 thoughts on “British paramilitary nazis attack photographer

  1. This stuff is scary.
    Scary that people can be so ignorant in this day and age.
    It’s like going back to the stone age.
    I watched a show last night about an extreem religeous family.
    They seem to be so extreem that they live constantly with hateful thiughts.


  2. It’s sad to think these people actually belive this crap! Unfortunately this media power brainwashes many people and this racist way of thinking is increasing. The media don’t help at all feeding to these groups propaganda!


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