Writing on your home while black, criminal?

This 13 June 2020 video about California in the USA:

Lisa Alexander Calls Police on Man of Color

Calling United States police on a person of colour may very possibly result in police murdering that person.

for Writing ‘Black Lives Matter’ on His Own Home

Yesterday, a video went viral on Twitter of Laface skincare owner Lisa Alexander and her husband Robert accusing a man of defacing private property by chalk stencilling the words Black Lives Matter on the front of his property in San Francisco

They simply assumed that he wasn’t the owner, likely because he was a man of color, and they wouldn’t even consider that possibility. While not as serious, this story reminds me of the recent Amy Cooper incident, where she called the police on [birdwatcher] Christian Cooper in New York’s Central Park [for warning Ms Cooper that her dog was not on a leash, in an area where that is mandatory because of birdlife], saying he was an African American putting her in danger.

In the aftermath of this, big companies like Birchbox have cut ties with Lisa Alexander.

Here is the tweet from the man in the original video (Jaimetoons): “A white couple call the police on me, a person of color, for stencilling a #BLM chalk message on my own front retaining wall. “Karen”

“Karen” is a nickname for racist wealthy white American women, usually Donald Trump supporters (or, in the case of “Karen” Amy Cooper, apparently a corporate Democrat Hillary Clinton supporter).

lies and says she knows that I don’t live in my own house, because she knows the person who lives here. #blacklivesmatter

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