New Mark Fiore animation on Iraq war

Bush and Iraq war, cartoon

The new Mark Fiore animation on the Iraq war is on the Internet.

It is on the timid opposition in the United States Congress to Bush‘s escalation policy.

About Stephen Colbert on Bush: here.

World opinion opposes Bush’s Iraq war and whole foreign policy: here.

According to the Vice President of the Baghdad government, installed in the shadow of US guns, tanks, planes, Bush’s 2003 decision to invade Iraq was an ‘idiot decision‘.

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  1. NOW Calls for End to War in Iraq, Ready to March on Saturday
    Posted by: “bigraccoon” redwoodsaurus
    Wed Jan 24, 2007 7:06 pm (PST)

    NOW Calls for End to War in Iraq, Ready to March on Saturday

    Statement of NOW Executive Vice President Olga Vives

    January 24, 2007

    The National Organization for Women is proud to be a part of
    this powerful coalition calling for an end to the war in Iraq.
    Saturday’s mobilization of people coming to our nation’s
    capital from all over the country will demonstrate one more
    time to the Bush-Cheney administration and to Congress the
    level of disapproval at the continuation of the disaster this
    war has brought to Iraq, to the Middle East, to the United
    States, and to the world.

    On Nov. 7, 2006, voters went to the polls with a very clear
    message: end the war. Congress switched hands to the
    Democratic leadership when voters elected candidates who
    pledged to bring a resolution to the conflict in Iraq. Women in
    particular expressed their displeasure with their votes —
    electing 10 new women to the House of Representatives, 8
    of them Democrats, and 2 to the Senate, both Democrats as
    well. The gender gap in some races, like Jim Webb’s in
    Virginia and Jon Tester’s in Montana, was the margin of
    victory, and that margin decided the fate of the U.S. Senate.
    These candidates expressed their opposition to the
    continuing U.S. military actions in Iraq.

    Women voted for change — not more of the same. Surveys
    after the election show that the war in Iraq topped the list of
    women’s concerns. This was followed by health care, Social
    Security, and the economy. And now, as if the voters hadn’t
    spoken, we are confronted with the Bush administration’s
    defiance of the people’s clear message with a planned
    escalation of troops in Iraq, in spite of what appears to be a
    bipartisan consensus that this latest plan for the war will not
    be successful either. President Bush has chosen not to listen
    to his generals, bipartisan commissions and members of
    Congress, and instead has chosen to further his own failed
    plan. Past troop “surges” have met with little success.

    The human cost of the war in Iraq is enormous. Over 3,000
    U.S. military men and women and an estimated 55,000 Iraqi
    civilians have been killed. Countless more have suffered
    serious injuries and most Iraqis live in constant fear. It
    seems that the only beneficiaries of the U.S. action in Iraq
    are Halliburton, Bechtel and other disaster profiteers. And
    now, our president is ready to send even more troops into
    this carnage, into the middle of what we have created in
    Iraq: a civil war.

    The monetary cost is depleting our treasury and saddling
    future generations with a mountain of debt; domestic
    programs that help the most vulnerable are set aside while
    the benefits of building the military complex to sustain the
    war enrich a few individuals and corporations.

    NOW’s stance against the Iraq war dates back to 2002,
    when on the eve of the Iraq invasion and occupation we
    expressed our opposition to military action. We knew then as
    we know now, as stated in a resolutions approved by our
    membership, that women bear additional personal costs in
    patriarchal wars that ruin their country’s physical
    infrastructure, destabilize their economy, destroy their homes
    and kill and maim children and families. Eighty percent of the
    world’s refugees and displaced persons are women and
    children. Women are victims of increased sexual abuse in
    areas of conflict and in the military, as we have seen here at
    home at military bases and recruitment centers, and in Iraq.
    Sexual violence and abduction of women and girls increase
    significantly under military occupation; perpetrators are rarely
    appreheded and prosecuted in such violent and hostile

    The National Organization for Women encourages its
    members and supporters to come to Washington, D.C., on
    Saturday, Jan. 27. The Bush-Cheney administration
    apparently did not hear the voters’ message; they are doing
    exactly the opposite of what the voters called for. So we are
    coming to visit them, right here on their doorstep, knocking
    on their door, voicing our opposition to their plan to escalate
    and continue to occupy Iraq. There was an opinion poll this
    week about the president’s leadership. People said that he
    was decisive and stubborn; and I would add to that: wrong!
    The incompetence of this administration, the mistakes in the
    planning and execution of the war, is mind-boggling. How
    could we allow them to continue to lead us in this reckless

    And to our friends in Congress we say: We will work with you
    and support you in your efforts to end the war. We want our
    women and men deployed in Iraq to come home now. We
    call for withdrawal of all U.S. troops immediately and a plan
    to help the region find political and diplomatic solutions, not
    military ones, to an end to what has become a national
    tragedy not only for the Iraqi people but for the people of
    the United States. And we call for a plan to reconstruct Iraq
    with funding for the victims of war, namely women and
    children — providing them with housing, health care,
    education and safety.

    One man alone cannot impose his will on the people of a
    nation. Our democratic system relies on the balance of
    power. The United States Congress must exercise their
    oversight and appropriation authority to effectively end this
    war and to investigate this administration’s conduct in
    leading us to war with what now appears to have been false
    information. Congress now has a mission to accomplish to
    fulfill the wishes of the people who sent them there. That
    mission is to bring an end to the war in Iraq effectively and
    over the objections of Bush and Cheney.

    To the members of the National Organization for Women, our
    supporters and our allies: come to Washington, D.C., this
    weekend and let your voice be heard for peace, for freedom,
    for justice!


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  3. Letter to Senator Lindsey Graham
    Posted by: “philopatrios” philopatrios
    Fri Jan 26, 2007 3:23 am (PST)

    Senator Graham:

    The reason for my correspondence is that you in the U.S. Congress
    have created a dysfunctional loony bin in Iraq. Your recent
    interview in the Charleston Post and Courier shows that in
    desperation you are a victim of doing the same thing over and over
    again and expecting different results. In backing Mister Bush’s
    surge plan, your are backing the same kind of high intensity massive
    intervention that was Vietnam, yet another slippery slope leading to
    genocidal application of massive firepower against civilians.

    When I left Vietnam, in 1967, after one year in combat, we Americans
    had killed 160,000 Vietnamese; 8 years later when President Ford
    ended all the surges, calls that it was the Vietnamese peoples’ war
    to win, and hand wringing that we had spent too much blood, sweat
    and treasure to pull out we had killed over 2.5 million. I do not
    need to point out to such a student of history that most of those 2
    million plus dead were civilians. During the 8 years I refer to the
    point was made incessantly in Washington that we could not cut and
    run in Vietnam or the sky would fall and we would see hordes of
    Communists invading San Francisco; but we did cut and run and we are
    still here. Remember Senator a Great People do not remain great by
    doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results.

    Have a nice day, roll up your sleeves and get right to work on
    fixing the mess you all made.

    Best Regards,



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