British gay Muslims against Islamophobia and homophobia

This video from the USA says about itself:

Bernie Sanders & Keith Ellison Call Out GOP Islamophobia

1 October 2015

Bernie Sanders and Keith Ellison called out the homophobia of Republican presidential candidates. Donald Trump said we have a Muslim problem in this country, while Dr. Ben Carson asserted that he would not vote for a Muslim president. These are inherently bigoted statements, and we break down why Bernie and Keith are 100% right.

By Lamiat Sabin in Britain:

Gay Muslims break down barriers

Thursday 22nd October 2015

Activists urge unity between communities

GAY Muslims took to the streets of east London yesterday to launch a new campaign calling for unity between LGBT and Muslim communities.

A group of activists stood outside Whitechapel station — an area with one of Britain’s largest Muslim populations — in an attempt to “build bridges” between the two groups.

Campaigners told the Star their traumatic experiences in seeking acceptance from their families.

Others held signs stating: “Gays and Muslims unite. Love all not hate.”

Event organiser Peter Tatchell said gay Muslims had contacted him about the campaign in a bid to open up discussions with locals who may be homophobic.

He told the Star that the campaign attracted “mixed responses” but that the activists prefer to have open discussions rather than keeping them “behind closed doors.”

A Muslim man aged around 50 stopped to talk to the campaigners and it soon turned into a heated debate.

He told campaigners: “If I am a Muslim, it does not mean that I hate gay people. Many Muslims do not approve of homosexuality but we would not hate them.”


The 23-year-old physics student grew up in a ‘radical Islamist family’ in London

His Pakistan-born parents taught him that gay people are “disgusting and evil” and should be killed.

He has not spoken to his parents or his four younger siblings for around 10 months after they discovered that he was gay last year and put him through “exorcisms.”

The street campaign is “absolutely important” to him as there is Islamophobia within some LGBT communities and also homophobia among some Muslims. Racism is another negative factor.

He said: “In order for us to deal with these three weak points, we need to stand together to fight bigotry and hatred by having open discussions in a civilised manner.”

Mr Ahmed, who prays daily and fasts at Ramadan, said that he considered himself an atheist before reading works by progressive Muslims and now refers to himself as an “agnostic Muslim.”


Took part in the street campaign in memory of his fiance Naz, who killed himself two days after his strictly religious family confronted him about his sexuality.

Dr Naz Mahmood, a successful owner of three clinics, ended his life last year aged 34 after telling his mother that he was gay and planned to marry after being in a relationship for 13 years. She told him to find a “cure” for his sexuality.

Mr Mahmood-Ogston told the Star: “We want to build bridges between two groups that are considered to be diametrically opposed.

“Some people feel that you cannot be Muslim and gay. You cannot choose to be gay or not because I believe gay people are born gay.”

Two thirds of lesbian and bisexual women experience discrimination at work, research finds. Three quarters of lesbian or bisexual women are also not out to colleagues at work: here.

8 thoughts on “British gay Muslims against Islamophobia and homophobia

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  6. Monday 17th
    posted by Steve Sweeney in Britain

    MUSLIM leaders have lodged an official complaint with the organisers of London Pride after a group was seen carrying placards with apparently Islamophobic messages at the event.

    The offending banners, which included slogans reading “Allah is Gay,” “Fuck Islamic Homophobia” and “East London Mosque incites murder of LGBTs,” were condemned by Muslim and anti-racist organisations.

    East London Mosque spokesman Salman Farsi said on Saturday that it had written to organisers warning that the group was inciting hatred against Muslims.

    Mr Farsi said: “Our track record for challenging homophobia in East London is quite well known.

    “For us to see such a mainstream event that is supposed to celebrate tolerance and love used as a hate platform was really quite shocking.”

    However, the Council of Ex Muslims of Britain (CEMB), listed on the Pride website as an official participating group, denied the slogans were Islamophobic.

    Spokeswoman for the group Maryam Namazie said the signs did not say “Fuck Islam” but “Fuck Islamic Homophobia.”

    “In my view Islam, like all religions, is homophobic,” she said. “Why is it not possible to say this without fear of reprisal or accusations of Islamophobia?”

    Anti-racist campaigner Maz Saleem told the Star: “These placards are something the EDL or a nazi would carry.

    “Pride is supposed to represent people as they are, faith or no faith, so how were they even allowed on the parade?

    “The Namazies of this world take advantage of their freedom to hurt others. We need to challenge all forms of hatred and not judge everyone attending Pride by the actions of the few who wanted to divide us that day.

    “In an Islamophobic society this incident is not surprising. But Islamophobic attacks are at unprecedented levels. Pride organisers should have known better and stopped Namazie’s contingent from marching.”

    A Pride London spokesman said: “While our parade has always been a home to protest, which often means conflicting points of view, Pride must always be a movement of acceptance, diversity and unity. We will not tolerate Islamophobia.”

    The East London Mosque said several years ago that it would ban homophobes from speaking there and also denounced the “gay-free zone” stickers that appeared in its local area.


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