De Menezes killer promoted to London police chief

This video says about itself:

JEAN CHARLES (Henrique Goldman, 2009) – Full Movie

18 May 2013

The tragic true story of Jean Charles de Menezes, the innocent Brazilian shot dead by British police in 2005 at the height of the London terrorist alerts.

The film was directed by Henrique Goldman and received its international premiere at the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival. Selton Mello stars as Jean Charles with many of the other roles played by the actual friends and family of Jean Charles de Menezes. Award winning director Stephen Frears was an executive producer for the film.

By Felicity Collier in England:

New Met chief Dick ran op which killed Menezes

Thursday 23rd February 2017

Families express horror at appointment to top job

THE family of Jean Charles de Menezes yesterday condemned the decision to appoint Cressida Dick — who ran the operation that killed him — as Metropolitan Police Commissioner.

They have “serious concerns” about the appointment of Ms Dick, who was in charge of an anti-terror operation which misidentified Mr de Menezes as a suicide bomber. He was shot seven times in the head at point-blank range in 2005.

The family said: “We had to face a tragedy that no family should ever have to experience; the tragic death of a loved one at the hands of those we entrusted to serve us and protect us.”

Mr de Menezes was killed while trying to board a train at Stockwell Tube station.

The 27-year-old Brazilian electrician had been on his way to repair a broken fire alarm, but was killed after being misidentified as being involved in a failed bomb attack the previous day.

It was later revealed that prior to his death he had been put under surveillance by the Met as he lived in the same building as two terror suspects.

Then-commander Ms Dick went to trial for breaching health and safety laws before eventually being cleared of blame by a jury.

In 2007 the Independent Police Complaints Commission decided it would not discipline any other front-line or surveillance officers as it said there was no prospect of charges being upheld.

The relatives of Mr de Menezes sought justice and brought a case to the European Court of Human Rights in 2015, but lost on grounds that there was insufficient evidence against any individual officer.

Immediately after killing Mr de Menezes, the police are known to have lied about the circumstances and altered evidence.

It was revealed in 2014 that the de Menezes family had been spied on by the police following their son’s death.

Ms Dick was recommended for the £270,000-a-year top post by Home Secretary Amber Rudd.

In making her decision, Ms Rudd took on board the views of Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, who claimed Ms Dick had had a “distinguished” career.

Ms Dick was promoted to Deputy Assistant Commissioner just over a year after the execution of Mr de Menezes.

She also holds the Queen’s Police Medal for distinguished service.

Cuban art exhibition in London

This video from England says about itself:

14 February 2017

The ¡Presente! exhibition gathered, for the first time in London, the work of over 30 contemporary Cuban artists. With curators and artists from the island visiting the city, it also represented an opportunity for conversation and exchange on arts, culture and education.

London against Trump, demonstration report

London anti-Trump demonstrators

By Felicity Collier in London, England:

Nationwide protests push May on Trump

Monday 6th February 2017

City centres left at a standstill as public rallies

MORE than 40,000 protesters demonstrating against US President Donald Trump brought central London to a standstill on Saturday.

The demo “Stop Trump’s Muslim Ban — Stop May Supporting It” marched from the US embassy in Mayfair, through the shopping district of Piccadilly and on to Downing Street.

Labour MPs, Muslim community groups, Jewish organisations, trade unions, and campaign groups such as Stop the War Coalition and Stand Up to Racism all addressed the crowds.

Speaking to the throng outside Downing Street, Muslim Association of Britain president Dr Omer El-Hamdoon said: “One thing Trump has done which is good is to expose people for what they are — he has exposed who are the racists, who are the fascists.”

Muslim Safety Forum head Azad Ali received overwhelming cheers when he told the crowd that if Prime Minister Theresa May did not act to stop Mr Trump’s state visit, then protesters would bring the whole of London to a standstill.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, speaking via video screen, said Ms May and the Conservatives were “on the wrong side of history.”

Mr Corbyn reiterated his stand that Mr Trump should not be invited here on a state visit “while he continues to propagate his anti-women, his anti-Muslim and anti-Mexican policies.”

He pledged to defeat the “nasty policy created to sow division and hatred.”

National Union of Teachers general secretary Kevin Courtney told the crowds that “fear and division” was evident in schools. He said: “I’m here to say that every teacher should be involved in the campaign against Trump.”

More than 500 people also marched through the streets of Leeds in protest against Mr Trump’s attack on refugees and Muslims.

Many carried home-made placards declaring: “This isn’t politics, it’s morality,” “No ban — no wall — no Trump,” “Dump Trump — fight bigotry,” and “Refugees and immigrants welcome.”

The march ended with a rally outside the city’s art gallery.

Mr Trump’s request to reinstate a travel ban, after lawyers for the states of Washington and Minnesota argued that the ban was unconstitutional, was rejected by the US federal appeals court yesterday.

In the US, there have been protests at several US airports where travellers were being held, including at least 2,000 protesters at New York’s JFK Airport.

See also here.

London demonstrators against Trump

BRITISH LAWMAKER MOVES TO BLOCK TRUMP FROM SPEAKING BEFORE PARLIAMENT Speaker John Bercow spoke out in the House of Commons against allowing the U.S. president to address Parliament. Bercow’s remarks come following controversy over Prime Minister Teresa May’s invitation to the president, which sparked protests and a petition that drew over 1.8 million signatures. [HuffPost]

Opposition to Trump’s anti-Muslim travel ban mounts on eve of court deadline: here.

The Women’s March organizers are planning a “day without women.”

Big pro-refugee anti-Trump demonstration, London today

This video from England says about itself:

4 February 2017

In response to the xenophobic and racist executive order signed by Donald Trump, the new president of United States of America, which immediately barred entry to the US to any national of countries (namely Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen) which have been most damaged by past and present US adventurism and violence sponsored by the US government or its allies or carried out directly by the US military and/or those of its allies, regardless of whether these nationals were US residents/citizens, protests erupted around the world.

Following a nationwide round of protests on 30th of January 2017, around the UK, a second round of protests were held, in London, on the 4th of February 2017, as a repeat show of public disapproval of the executive order as well as disapproval of the reaction of United Kingdom’s prime minister, Theresa May, who had already invited Donald Trump to a state visit to the UK and refused to rebuke the executive order, which was signed by Trump shortly after her visit with him at the White House, where they were photographed holding hands while walking together.

This video shows highlights of protests held at the US embassy in London, followed by a march toward Whitehall, and further protests opposite Downing Street (the UK prime minister’s official residence).

Some of the common slogans shouted by demonstrators were:

No hate. No fear. Refugees are welcome here,
Say it loud. Say it clear. Refugees are welcome here,
Say it loud. Say it clear. Donald Trump‘s not welcome here,
Theresa May, shame on you,
Shame on you Theresa (May), Fascist appeaser,
No ban. No wall. Equality for all,
No state visit.

Two-thirds of Britons believe Trump is ‘threat to international stability’. Over half surveyed believe US president is untrustworthy and that UK state visit should be cancelled, new poll finds: here.

Big London anti-Trump protest, video

This video from England says about itself:

Massive Anti Trump Protest London, England, UK.

4 February 2017

Anti Donald Trump Immigration Demonstrations are taking place all over Europe right now, this massive anti Trump immigration demonstration London, England, United Kingdom.

Federal Judge Temporarily Blocks Trump’s Travel Ban, Giving Hope To Some Mideast Travelers. The president called it “ridiculous.” 02/04/2017 09:05 am ET | Updated 2 hours ago: here.

Big London anti-Trump demonstration, videos

This video from England says about itself:

This video from England says about itself:

Anti Trump demonstration in London 4 February 2017

100,000+ demonstrators march from the US embassy to Downing Street.

This video is the sequel.

USA: Michigan GOP [Republican party] Official Calls For ‘Another Kent State’ For Campus Protesters: here.

Big anti-Trump demonstration in London today

This video says about itself:

Orwell’s 1984 Tops Sales Under Trump

3 February 2017

War is peace.
Freedom is slavery.
Ignorance is strength.”
-George Orwell, 1984

This video says about itself:

Donald Trump’s Alternative Facts & George Orwell’s 1984

28 January 2017

This is just US President Donald Trump’s first week in office and we already have years’ worth of controversies. Recently, when NBC’s Chuck Todd interviewed Kellyanne Conway, senior advisor to Donald Trump about the first white house press conference held by Sean Spicer, official white house press secretary and Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremony, she said something quite dangerous. She spoke of ‘Alternative Facts’, something similar to ‘Doublethink’ and ‘Doublespeak’.

So, this episode of Journal of Things discusses the hidden implications behind that word while analyzing the influence of language in politics while comparing today’s political scenario to George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984 and its Ingsoc language Newspeak. It also refers to Orwell’s another book ‘Politics & The English Language’ and Edward Herman’s Beyond Hypocrisy. Is Donald Trump dangerous? This is Donald Trump’s version of 1984.

By Steve Sweeney in Britain:

Dump the Chump

Saturday 4th February 2017

THOUSANDS of people are gathering in London today as a united front opposes the hateful politics of US President Donald Trump.

Today’s Stand Up to Trump rally has been called by a broad coalition of labour and progressive movement organisations in Britain.

It is the first anti-Trump event backed by the Muslim Association of Britain, the Muslim Council of Britain and the Muslim Engagement and Development group in a display of unity against Mr Trump’s policies.

Protesters will meet at the US embassy in Grosvenor Square at 11am before marching to Downing Street for a rally.

Organisers are demanding that PM Theresa May cancel a state visit offered to the US leader and are urging unity to build a mass movement against his divisive politics.

A Stand Up to Trump statement signed by by trade union leaders, MPs and faith groups says: “Time is short. We cannot allow racism to seep deeper into society and whatever our other differences, we must unite together to meet this serious threat.”

Shadow home secretary Diane Abbott said: “Now is the time for people of goodwill to unite and stand up to racism.”

And the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament urged supporters to “demonstrate against the special nuclear relationship and say no ‘Muslim Ban’ this Saturday in London.”

Ms May’s continued silence over the travel ban as she toured Malta yesterday, where she tried to persuade European Nato allies to increase defence spending, has led to her being branded a “Trump sycophant” and accused of doing the US president’s bidding.

Ms May’s call comes after Mr Trump refused to rule out military action against Iran on Thursday, saying: “Nothing is off the table.”

Further sanctions were imposed on Iran by the US government yesterday in response to the country’s test launch of a ballistic missile last weekend.

Mr Trump tweeted: “Iran has been formally PUT ON NOTICE for firing a ballistic missile. Should have been thankful for the terrible deal the US made with them!”

Later he channelled former Egypt autocrat Hosni Mubarak’s habit of blaming conspiracies in the face of popular opposition, saying: “Professional anarchists, thugs and paid protesters are proving the point of the millions of people who voted to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

Today’s rally sees the broadest coalition since the 2002-2003 anti-war movement.

A Stand Up to Trump summit will be held from 10.30am at Friends Meeting House in London on February 18.