London Grenfell disaster survivors deserve justice, singer Adele says

This video about London, England says about itself:

Adele Attends Emotional Vigil For Grenfell Tower Fire in London

15 June 2017

By Marina Fang:

12/04/2017 04:52 pm ET

Adele Calls On Theresa May To Do More To Investigate Deadly London Apartment Fire

The singer has made helping victims of the Grenfell Tower fire a personal cause.

Helping victims of a deadly high-rise fire that took place in London over the summer has become a personal matter for Adele. The singer has added her voice to an effort to promote more representation and transparency in the United Kingdom’s investigation into the incident.

Adele asked her fans on Monday to sign a petition in which victims and their families call on British Prime Minister Theresa May “to take urgent action to restore their faith in the Grenfell Tower inquiry.”

“We must keep on talking about what is still not happening,” the singer wrote in a tweet distributing the petition.

Officials in the United Kingdom are investigating circumstances of the fire that killed 71 people, including many low-income immigrants, at a London apartment complex in June.

Victims and their families have protested that the panel conducting the investigation is not representative of the community and has not been transparent about its proceedings, according to the BBC.

Adele, a London native, has continually championed the victims of the fire, including using her recent concert tour to raise money for relief. The singer also attended a vigil less than 24 hours after the fire to comfort victims. She later thanked firefighters for their efforts, having tea with them and bringing them cake. In August, Adele hosted a private screening of the movie “Despicable Me 3” for children who were hurt in the fire.

Grenfell fire families challenge government inquiry cover-up: here.

Lethal fire in China, police arrests suspects

This video from China says about itself:

18 November 2017

Nineteen people were killed and eight others injured in a house fire in Beijing’s southern Daxing District Saturday night, local authorities said.

From Caixin in China:

Nov 20, 2017 11:44 AM

Beijing Launches Citywide Inspections After Deadly Fire

By Cui Xiankang, Sun Liangzi, Qin Ziyi, Yu Lu and Li Rongde

Beijing authorities have launched blanket citywide inspections targeting unsafe buildings following a fatal fire in a suburb of the capital Saturday.

The fire broke out at 6:18 p.m. in Daxing district, about 10 miles south of the city center, killing at least 19 and injuring eight more, according to the official Beijing Daily. …

The cause of the fire is still under investigation, and several people, including the landlord of the buildings, have been taken into police custody, the Beijing Daily reported, citing local police.

A grim-faced Cai Qi, Beijing’s Communist party secretary, appeared on Beijing TV Sunday and labeled the fire a “a wake-up call.” He demanded resolve to crack down on mixed-use facilities with both shops and rental homes, particularly unlicensed buildings and poorly managed industrial plants, which in addition to being safety hazards are responsible for high levels of air and water pollution.

Firefighters arrived at the scene with 34 trucks at about 6:40 p.m. and extinguished the fire around 9 p.m. They were seen carrying more than a dozen people, giving resuscitation to some before rushing them to nearby hospitals.

Most of the injured are being treated at the Daxing district hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University. An employee at the hospital contacted by Caixin refused to elaborate on the nature or severity of the injuries.

According to Chi Dehua in China today, 18 suspects were arrested, including the landlord and ‘six managers from a rental housing company’.

Now, let us look how this horrible fire compares to the Grenfell Tower disaster in London, England.

Grenfell Tower has 24 storeys; the building in Beijing three storeys. 19 dead in Beijing, 71 dead the official number in London.

In Beijing, police arrested 18 suspects, including the landlord. In London, police arrested zero suspects, also not the landlords, that is, the bigwigs of the Conservative party-run Kensington and Chelsea local authority, like Nick Paget-Brown who had to resign in disgrace.

Now, I am certainly not claiming Chinese police and judiciary are a model for the whole world to follow; they are not.

However, Grenfell Tower survivors often ask themselves why not a single suspect has been arrested, now six months after the mass killing; of which police say they suspect manslaughter.

How about the bosses of the KCTMO, the organisation managing Grenfell Tower on behalf of the Conservative local council?

How about Conservative Boris Johnson, now Foreign Secretary in the government, who as mayor of London sacked firefighters and closed fire stations?

How about Conservative ex-Prime Minister David Cameron, who stated that the aim of his government was to ‘kill safety culture’?

How about millionaire Ray Bailey of Harley Facades, whose business attached the flammable cladding to Grenfell Tower?

How about the millionaires of Rydon corporation who subcontracted the attachment of the flammable cladding to Grenfell Tower to Harley Facades?

How about the billionaires of Arconic corporation, formerly Alcoa, whose corporation made that flammable cladding?

Are they all ‘too rich to jail‘?!?!