English Defence League nazi salutes again

This video from Britain is called EDL Nazi Salute Compilation.

By David Peel in England:

Racist Ukip supporters attack protest

Monday 29th September 2014

Stand Up to Ukip march met by nazi salutes, writes David Peel

RACIST fans of Ukip leader Nigel Farage gave nazi salutes as they attacked a peaceful march on the party’s conference by local people opposed to its divisive politics.

Hundreds of trade union members and anti-racists converged on Ukip’s Doncaster conference from across Yorkshire.

People from groups scapegoated by Mr Farage also came from across Britain at the Stand Up to Ukip rally.

Campaign spokeswoman Jo Caldwell told the crowds: “Nigel Farage says he is standing up for the working class in this country.

“But when I look around at all the trade union banners here in Doncaster we know that he does not.

“We must continue to make sure workers’ organisations like the trade unions join us in this fight.”

The peaceful protest faced a barrage of abuse from street thugs who were pictured making nazi gestures — in front of an Israeli flag.

The far-right mob, thought to be members of the EDL, threatened violence and hurled abuse as the demonstration made its way through the town’s narrow shopping streets.

They chanted “paedo, paedo” at demonstrators in a desperate bid to spark violence.

But police moved in to isolate the group as their threats escalated.

Hundreds of Doncaster shoppers stood on the pavements photographing the protest and watching families with children walked past.

Stand Up to Ukip organiser Gareth Sparks told the Star: “The EDL turned up and were chanting “Ukip, Ukip, Ukip.”

Anti-racist protesters replied with chants of “Farage is a banker” and “say no to Ukip.”

Mr Sparks said the 1,000-strong rally was a huge success in spite of the racist attacks.

“I think it went really well, had a lot of people clapping and giving us thumbs up as we went down the streets,” he said.

“It is an amazing sight,” said one student and migrant minimum wage worker, who travelled from London to take part.

Another described it as a “moment of hope” for the many migrant workers contributing to the British economy and keeping the NHS and other public services from complete collapse.

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