Spanish fascist hooligans’ murderous violence

This video from Spain is about hooligans of the Frente Atletico doing the nazi salute.

Unfortunately, not all football fans in Madrid, Spain are like those of Rayo Vallecano, the club helping a 85-year-old woman after the was evicted from her home.

By Kadeem Simmonds:

Atletico ban far right group after violence

Wednesday 3rd December 2014

Atletico Madrid banned the radical far-right group Atletico Front from the stadium yesterday for their involvement in the brutal fight on Sunday which left one man dead.

Jimmy Romero, a member of Deportivo La Coruna’s left-wing ultra group Riazor Blues, died when Atletico Front and Riazor Blues attacked each other before Sunday’s clash beween Atletico and Deportivo.

Atletico said in a statement: “Among those identified are 15 people who say they are Atletico Madrid supporters, of which seven were club members. Those members have been expelled immediately.”

From daily The Guardian in Britain:

Members of the far-right Frente Atlético had gathered at 8am, four hours before their team faced Deportivo de La Coruña at the Vicente Calderón. Half an hour later buses arrived from Galicia and the occupants, members of Depor’s ultras Riazor Blues, got off and headed along the river towards the stadium, where the Frente waited. …

Francisco Javier ‘Jimmy’ Romero Taboada became the 11th person to have died in football-related trouble in Spain since 1982. When he was dragged out of the water, where he’d been for almost half an hour, he had serious head injuries, his heart had stopped and he had hypothermia; he was “clinically dead”, one hospital source was quoted as saying.

Forty-three years old and a father of two, the youngest a little boy aged just four, Romero was officially pronounced dead at two o’clock, about the time that Deportivo de La Coruña’s fans were leaving the Calderón, escorted silently back to their buses by the police. …

A battle between the neonazis in the Frente Atlético and the radical left-wingers of the Riazor Blues, even though it is a group that had announced its dissolution following the stabbing of one of its members in 2003. Yet Galician TV carried a series of messages from a Deportivo fan insisting that it had not been an arranged battle but an ambush; that the Frente may have planned this, but Depor’s supporters had not.

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