Jeremy Corbyn against nazi march in Liverpool, England

This video from England says about itself:

Neo-Nazis Vandalise Menorah in Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham

11 June 2015

Neo-Nazis from “National Action” have posted footage on YouTube of themselves vandalising the menorah in Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham. West Midlands Police are investigating. National Action has reportedly been viewed by Scotland Yard as a potential threat to national security. Its ‘official strategy’ documents feature photos of a smiling Adolf Hitler and masked activists performing Nazi salutes. The group has previously described itself as “the fascists your nan warned you about.” An investigation by the Daily Mirror reported that National Action was sending its members to paramilitary bootcamps, featuring knife fighting lessons.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Liverpool: Corbyn backs opposition to neonazi pride march

Tuesday 11th August 2015

JEREMY CORBYN joined former footballer Howard Gayle and a string of politicians and trade unionists yesterday to oppose a white pride march set to take place in Liverpool this weekend.

Along for the White Man March on Saturday will be the neonazi group National Action, which has already been sending threatening letters to the Mayor Joe Anderson.

In response to Labour politician’s attempts to cancel the event, the group issued a warning that the “city will go up in flames” if the march was stopped. But opposition to the protest grew stronger this week.

Mr Corbyn said he had no doubts that Liverpool would show its unity against racists.

And Unite Against Fascism spokesman Paul Jenkins said: “The best message we can give these fascists is for as many people as possible to join our mobilisation, to outnumber the fascists and to show them that there is no place for nazis in Liverpool.”

Labour leadership race: Jeremy Corbyn set for landslide first-round victory with 53 per cent according to YouGov poll: here.

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