Farmer saves baby sand martins

This video from Cornwall in Britain is called Sand Martins at St Gothian Sands.

Translated from Omroep West radio in the Netherlands:

Saviours of martins in Alphen aan den Rijn honoured

28-09-2014 | 21:55

Alphen aan den Rijn – The nature organization IVN has honoured a farming couple from Alphen aan den Rijn for saving a sand martin nest.

The family De Kwaasteniet was proclaimed sand martin friends, and received a special certificate. The farmer discovered in a pile of sand many corridors and holes where the birds were nesting. He left the mound of earth alone and looked for other sand which he could use.

That was not all: the farmer noticed that the swallows were restless from the noise of heavy excavators of the water authority. He filled a ditch in, making it possible for the machines to take a different route. The martins were therefore able to nest in peace. According to the IVN, this is an example to follow.

8 thoughts on “Farmer saves baby sand martins

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