Bird-friendly farming in the Netherlands

This video, in the Dutch and Frisian languages, is about the land of farmer Murk Nijdam near Wommels village in the Netherlands.

This farmer manages his land in a bird-friendly way. The video shows redshanks, avocets, sand martins and other birds.

A live webcam is here.

On 30 April this spring, bird nests on farmer Murk Nijdam’s land were counted. There were 571 nests. Over a hundred black-tailed godwit nests. Also northern lapwings; skylarks; three redshank nests; five oystercatcher nests. Avocet: 15 nests; garganey duck: 1; mallard: 7; tufted duck: 1; gadwall: 2; black-headed gull: 1; coot: 4; sand martin: 28.

Africa: Experts join forces for profitable and bird friendly agriculture development: here.

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