Tufted duck female retrapped for hundredth time

Tufted duck female

From BTO Bird Ringing ‘Demog Blog’ in Britain:

28 November 2012

Duck happy

Phil Jones writes:

All ringers know that certain birds can become frequent visitors to traps and are prepared to enter them and eat the bait regularly. The inconvenience of waiting for release being outweighed by the readily available supply of food.

The site at Icklesham runs a duck trap during the winter months and catches a trickle of Mallard, Tufted Duck and Coot. We knew that female Tufted Duck with ring FA80827 is a regular visitor but we were surprised when she was retrapped for the hundredth time on 28 October 2012! She appears to be a migrant as she never turns up in the trap early in the autumn, in 2009 her first catch was 03 December and this year we caught her for the first time on 27 October. She was first ringed 27 September 2008 so hopefully will be a regular for many years to come.

Thanks to Phil Jones for letting us know and to Barry Yates for the great photo.

39 thoughts on “Tufted duck female retrapped for hundredth time

  1. For some reason I always get Golden eyes and Tufties confused! Beautiful bird though, and wonderful to know that she’s been a regular visitor for some years now :)

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