Amorous avocets and parasitic fungi

After the Landje van Geijsel birds, on Sunday 7 April we continued to the Waverhoek nature reserve.

Avocets' quarrel, Waverhoek, 7 April 2013

In the shallow water near the entrance, scores of avocets.

Avocets flying, Waverhoek, 7 April 2013

Probably, two male avocets were quarreling about, and displaying for, a female.

Avocets flying together, Waverhoek, 7 April 2013

Avocets landing, Waverhoek, 7 April 2013

After some time, quiet returned. The avocets walked around, together with a redshank.

Avocet and redshank, Waverhoek, 7 April 2013

On reed, there is the parasitical ergot fungus, Claviceps microcephala.

Many black-tailed godwits; more than at the Landje van Geijsel.

Carrion crows.

Two common sandpipers.

A male pintail duck.

A male reed bunting, singing on a bush.

Grey lag geese already have goslings.

A hare.

A goshawk flying.

Two great crested swimming. A bit further in the water, tufted ducks.

A buzzard circling in the air.

A male and a female gadwall.

A female stonechat on a bush.

After the Waverhoek, we pass through Uithoorn. A white stork standing on a nest.

When we are almost home, another white stork, walking in a meadow not far from another nest.

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