Farmer gets solar pump to help nesting birds

This 4 February 2016 regional TV video, in Frisian and Dutch languages, shows the installation of a special wetland solar pump on the land of farmer Jelte Bakker.

BirdLife in the Netherlands reports today that solar pump making business Poortman recently made their 100th pump. They decided to give that pump as a present to a farmer managing his land in a bird friendly way.

That farmer is Jelte Bakker (Ginnum village, Friesland province).

The pump has been installed and will help to improve the water level for nesting meadow birds.

2015 was already a good year for the birds on Jelte Bakker’s land. There were 34 northern lapwing couples nesting; 33 black-tailed godwit couples; 27 redshank nests; and 38 oystercatcher nests. Skylarks nested as well.

2 thoughts on “Farmer gets solar pump to help nesting birds

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