Hundreds of black-tailed godwits back from Africa

This is a video about a black-tailed godwit at its nest.

I read today that about four hundred black-tailed godwits were back from their winter migration to Africa at the nature reserve where I once saw Baillon’s crakes.

So, I decided to go there to have a look.

Just outside the reserve, many coltsfoot flowers.

In the canal closest to the entrance: many grey lag geese, two Canada geese, five gadwall ducks, and a great crested grebe.

A moorhen crosses the footpath. A bit further, a coot in the grass.

In the next canal, male and female tufted ducks.

In the canal after that one, male and female shoveler ducks.

Then, a juvenile grey heron on the bank of a ditch.

A magpie on the grass.

I reach the southern end of the southern lake. I can already see hundreds of black-tailed godwits flying over the northern lake.

A great cormorant flying.

Three mute swans swim in the southern lake.

The (maybe 200?) black-tailed godwits have landed meanwhile; standing on an islet in the northern lake and in shallow water around it.

In between them, also some northern lapwings, a common gull, and great cormorants drying their wings.

Two black-headed gulls in summer plumage fly overhead, calling.

Gadwall ducks land in the northern lake water.

A jackdaw couple looks for food in the grass.

Scores of teal in the south-eastern part of the northern lake. Their mating season has started. One can hear them whistling.

It is mating season for two great crested grebes in the canal along the railway as well. They dance in the water together. One of the birds brings its partner algae as a sign of love.

Recently, the reserve has been extended with what used to be pasture land. A bridge leads to the new part of the reserve, but there are no footpaths yet.

A ring-necked parakeet calls from the other side of the big canal.

On the west side of the northern lake, a dunnock sings.

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