Birds, meadows, fungi, trees, in The Netherlands

This video is about a reed bunting singing.

Translated from Dutch daily Leidsch Dagblad of 21 February:

Things are going well for birds in the meadows in the Zuidwijkse and Papenwegse polder, between Voorschoten and Wassenaar [western Netherlands].

Last year, four species of birds have nested for the first time there.

They are gray lagged goose, common curlew, reed warbler, and reed bunting.

Last year, 535 breeding couples of twenty meadow bird species were counted. …

Like in 2005, the northern lapwing was the most important breeding bird in the area, with 111 breeding couples.

The most frequent breeders after the lapwing were mallards, coots, and black-tailed godwit.

According to the print edition of the daily, the number of black-tailed godwit nests rose from 50 in 2005 to 56 in 2006.

On the same page of the print edition of that paper, also about Wassenaar: scores of trees have problems with fungi, including Meripilus giganteus, honey mushroom, and Kretzschmaria deusta.

Measures for grassland birds in Duivenvoordse-Veenzijdse Polder: here.

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