Purple herons, victims of austerity?

This video from the Netherlands, with English subtitles, says about itself:

Counting Purple Heron nests.

Counting nests as a bird monitoring activity in the Biesbosch National Park, June 2010.

Regional TV station Omroep West in the Netherlands reports today that governmental austerity in South Holland province is a threat to purple herons.

The provincial authorities cut all funding for Landschapsbeheer Zuid-Holland which would provide for woodlands for the herons to spend the night.

Where can volunteers of Landschapsbeheer Zuid-Holland who used to take care of the herons, turn to now, the provicial representative of the Party for the Animals asks.

About 450 purple heron couples nest in South Holland province.

23 thoughts on “Purple herons, victims of austerity?

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