English bar forced to host nazis, non-white workers banned

This video is called UK: Nazi salutes as EDL march through Newcastle.

By Joana Ramiro in Britain:

Non-white bar staff told to avoid work during EDL session

Friday 10th October 2014

Police force bar to host EDL thugs before march

A BIRMINGHAM bar where English Defence League (EDL) thugs will drink before their march in the city has told non-white staff not to come to work, Unite Against Fascism (UAF) has revealed.

UAF issued a statement on Tuesday reporting that Bar Risa has told non-white staff they should not come to work on Saturday.

Bar managers issued the advice to workers after West Midlands Police told them they must host the street gang because they’re the only bar big enough.

Anti-racism campaigners suggested Risa Bar management’s instructions could be considered racist.

In their statement UAF said: “We believe this could be an act of direct race discrimination and the bar may have already opened itself to employment tribunal claims.

“All the evidence suggests that where racism is not challenged it is allowed to perpetuate and grow. Ducking the issue does not deal with the risk staff and the public face from violent street thugs.”

“Bar Risa’s multicultural customers should be able to enjoy the venue at the times that it is open, catered by their multicultural staff, free from the racist thugs and their abuse which blighted our city last year.”

Last year Bar Risa replied to customer complaints about its association with the fascist group saying: “We do not, have not and will never support the EDL in any way, shape or form.”

The bar argued it had originally declined to host but felt it was “left with no option.”

A statement from West Midlands Police said it has once again requested Bar Risa to open outside hours and welcome the EDL as it is one of the largest venues in the city.

Superintendent Rich Baker added: “This has been a difficult and reluctant decision for the owners and we appreciate the support that Bar Risa is giving to this large-scale and complex policing operation.”

“West Midlands Police do not have any powers to stop any group drinking alcohol pre-protest so having one such venue makes absolute sense,” argued Superintendent Baker.

When contacted by the Morning Star West Midlands police insisted Saturday’s protest was “business as usual.”

A police spokeswoman declined to confirm both the numbers of EDL members expected and the projected number of forces on the ground that day.

BIRMINGHAM police have a responsibility to safeguard the security of the city’s residents and visitors, not to act as the social secretary of the racist and Islamophobic English Defence League: here.

USA: Co-founder of Traditionalist Youth Network, Matt Parrott, “Nazism isn’t radical enough”: here.

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