7 thoughts on “Greek Golden Dawn nazis on trial

  1. The interesting aspect of the German Gestapo is their legacy to the world as it is at present, after myself being in the war in the blitz on London, have thought about war and violence a lot, as you can see no western allies are making any serious in road on world peace, the allies are all involved with manufacturing weapons, and selling them to dubious parts of the world for profiteering and in my view to destroy cultures wherever it seems politically expedient, the philosophy in a major part of the German ideology is the superior race, the allies do not speak as being the superior race, nevertheless if you are stupid you would have to know this is what the Allies think, this philosophy is based primarily is on technology as superior to the rest of the world.
    The basis of this technology is based on the natural resources having the required ingredients that made this technology possible, this bad fortune, created the desire to create weapons that could destroy other cultures such as Australian Aboriginals and many other cultures, this confirmed the psyche that we are the superior dominant culture, also the Biblical prophesy proclaiming superiority, this political idea was for domination of those outside the clan and also to consolidate those members within the clan.
    Today we see Abbott who has spent 100 million dollars on the lost plane in the Southern Indian Ocean, he intends to spend another two hundred million dollars and more on the search for the dead, at present the aged and those who are unable to care for themselves to cut funding for the living, here we have a individual who having come to power has many aspects of what the Nazi’s have, that is to destroy those who are not considered productive, and to destroy those who are considered weaker, such as the unemployed who have difficulty finding work, Abbott has no problem selling Australian land to outsiders, who are backward in animal husbandry such as the Chinese, who intend to destroy the health of animals as confining them to a cage.
    What the general public is facing is leadership that under the guise of doing the best for the taxpayer, is in fact doing its worst, this is the leaders throughout the world are intent to make money for the rich, and to destroy the health of the public and most important destroy the morale or morality of the public, as one can see the prolific body work of tattoos, body piecing, and scarification, the obsession with sport, economic experts that no one understands and the destruction of the planet in the name of capitalism, and the vision for who is left of the human race needing some faith in science, is space travel, the scientists know they are all part of this fraud but are unable to say because they will become outsiders, to the taxpayers grants, the 1% rich who require battles such as the Anzacs, and the glory of heroes are all part of the myth of what freedom we have, we have no such thing, it is a mythology that to justify the heroes so called ultimate price, its all part of the mind manipulation of those in power to justify their pleasure of controlling others for the sake of having something to live for otherwise to be alive is confronting as to why one is here? the ultimate question that many have a preference to die as say a hero rather than deal with such a simple question?


  2. LEADERS of Greece’s neonazi Golden Dawn party went on trial yesterday on charges of operating as a criminal organisation and carrying out a campaign of violence against immigrants and left-wing opponents.

    Party leader Nikos Michaloliakos and senior officials are among 69 defendants in the trial, which is expected to last more than a year.

    The trial is being held inside Korydallos maximum-security prison near Athens, where nearby schools and municipal services were closed.

    The hearing was adjourned until May 7 to allow one of the defendants to receive court-appointed representation.

    Police cordoned off streets around the jail, about six miles west of the capital, while several anti-Golden Dawn rallies remained peaceful.

    The Golden Dawn leader and 12 other members of parliament face up to 10 years in prison if found guilty of the charges against them.

    Greek authorities do not keep official records on racist violence, but human rights groups say that there has been a surge in the number of attacks.



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