Greek police ordered not to stop nazis murdering anti-nazi rapper

This video from Greece says about itself:

Pavlos Fyssas murder– Neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn alleged murder of leftist musician

19 Sep 2013

A group of plainclothes [police] throw stones against antifascists during a demonstration against the murder of 34 years old musician by a member of the neonazi party Golden Dawn.


The Greek press railed on Thursday over the murder of a leftist musician by an alleged supporter of the neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn, amid mounting calls for tighter control of the group.

“The cold-blooded murder of a citizen by a Golden Dawn supporter must awaken everyone,” liberal Kathimerini daily said in an editorial.

“There must be zero tolerance towards the criminal activity of this neo-Nazi organisation,” it said.

“The monster of Nazism kills — resist”, centre-left daily Ethnos urged Greece’s mainstream parties.

The calls came a day after police and protesters clashed as thousands demonstrated against fascism following the murder of popular hip hop artist Pavlos Fyssas.

The 34-year-old was fatally stabbed in the working-class Athens district of Keratsini early on Wednesday by a 45-year-old truck driver who later allegedly confessed his Golden Dawn affiliation to police.

The victim’s family said that Fyssas and a small group of friends had been ambushed by a large gang of Golden Dawn supporters outside a cafeteria.

The killing came amid the latest wave of anti-austerity strikes in Greece, with thousands out in the streets protesting reforms the government has agreed to undertake in return for international bailout funds.

Following news of the Fyssas murder, those demonstrations quickly morphed into protests against fascism, with police firing tear gas at protesters in Athens, the northern city of Thessaloniki and the western city of Patras.

Greece’s police minister, Nikos Dendias, said the government would toughen legislation on organised criminal activity to rein in Golden Dawn, which has been implicated in migrant beatings and attacks on rival party members.

Just days before Fyssas’s killing, members of the Communist party were assaulted by alleged Golden Dawn supporters whilst putting up posters in Perama, another working-class district near Keratsini.

Golden Dawn has repeatedly denied involvement in these incidents, and until now its ratings have steadily risen in a country weary of austerity and political corruption.

But its activity has exposed Greece to international criticism just four months before it assumes the rotating European Union presidency in January 2014.

On Wednesday, the leader of the Socialists and Social Democrats group in the European parliament, Hannes Swoboda, expressed his concern in view of Greece’s six-month stint as EU president.

“If the Greek government… fails to put a stop to the hate-filled behaviour of Golden Dawn… it will be an unacceptable presidency and not likely to bring any progress, either for Europe or for Greece,” he said.

From I Can’t Relax in Greece blog:

While Fyssas was being murdered, policemen were ordered not to intervene!

Posted on 26/01/2014 by icantrelaxingreece

According to fresh evidence, which aroused from police transcripts from the night that Pavlos Fyssas was murdered in Keratsini on September 18, the police motorcycle unit (Dias) that was present at the scene was ordered not to intervene. Fyssas’ girlfriend has previously testified that the police had remained inactive during the incident, despite her pleas for help.

A magistrate in Piraeus, who is investigating Fyssas’ murder, has requested the new data that are associated with the case file of the criminal organization Golden Dawn. In the transcripts, communication between Dias police unit and the police rapid response center, minutes before and after the murder, is recorded.

Among other things, a policeman is heard saying that 20 Golden Dawn members informed them that they had a conflict with anarchists. Minutes after the murderous attack and while Dias police units appear to search for possible individuals involved, the transcripts reveal that they deliberately lost them.

In the last two archives that were transcribed from the recordings, it seems that “40 individuals with helmets, screwdrivers and knives” were located at a known canteen in Haidari, where a “bloodied person was at that spot.” The transcripts end here. It remains unknown if the group in question was found and if it had any relation with Fyssas’ murder.

At the same time, from the radio communication, it arouses that Dias police unit that was at the junction of Tsaldari and Kefallinias streets has been ordered not to intervene. Minute and 34 seconds after midnight, the police operator said: “Keep your distance and keep us informed. Other units will arrive there.”

About 4 minutes later, the policemen realized that Pavlos Fyssas has been hit:

“Time 00:05:20

Crew: Operator one individual has…he is… bleeding, possibly by knife. He indicates another man (incomprehensible) that attacked him. Both men are at the location. An ambulance should come.”

Fifty seconds later, the policeman seems to be anxious and persistently demands from the Operator “that the ambulance should come quickly.”

At the same time, there are plenty of photographs added to Golden Dawn’s case file from the foreclosures that were conducted at the house of G. Patelis, boss in Golden Dawn local office of Nikaia. Among these photographs, Golden Dawn members appear to give the nazi salute and pose –even on the bed- holding guns.

Translated from Eleftherotypia’s website, 16 January 2014.

“The quality of migrants arriving in Greece is tragic,” Greek Minister of Public Order Nikos Dendias told private Skai TV on Thursday. – See more here.

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