21 thoughts on “Anti-Roma racism and the extreme right in the European Union

  1. An excellent article and a good warning of what will happen increasingly as far right politics takes over.The UK has so far been very good at trying to integrate minorities and acting as a haven for refugees, but far right politics will get a stronger hold here unless the main political groups address the concerns of many over immigration which has us at bursting point. The benefits system and the NHS can’t cope and there aren’t enough jobs even for those who want to work. We need to withdraw from the EU and cap our immigration. If we can integrate those immigrants who are already here legally we might be able to stave off the far right from gaining control.


  2. I have noted with alarm more and more reports of extreme right-wing activity across Europe and including the UK, of course. There have always been Romani communities in Europe and they have always been discriminated against at some level or other, so they are easy targets for the neo-nazis, I suppose. It is frightening and I really worry about where it will end.


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