Nazi threat in Greece

Threatening nazi graffitti in Greece

From Dawn of the Greeks blog:

Neonazis of the group “autonomous nationalists” or “independent nationalists” attacked/attempted to vandalize the office of “solidarity network of Zografou” (Zografou is a busy district of Athens).

They have sprayed a Celtic cross and the a threatening message “we are coming”. Solidarity network of Zografou is a very active group in the suburb, also known for its antifascist actions. Many of its members also take part in the antifascist coordination/front of the area which organized a variety of activities the previous months.

Therefore the neonazis have chosen this place as their target. The autonomous nationalists (independent nationalists) is a group of which its leader Antonis Panoutsopoulos (nickname Periandros) stayed in prison for 4 years accused for an attempted murder of the student and active member of a extra-parliamentary left group Dimitris Kousouris.

More in Greek:

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11 thoughts on “Nazi threat in Greece

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    • True, nazism should not exist in the 21st century. However, late in the twentieth century, politicians preached there would never be a big economic crisis again. Well, they were proved wrong.


  2. I will venture a guess and state that the neo-Nazis are in answer/response to immigration and possibly a lack of employment for Greeks, in Greece. Here in the US, I have noticed a growing number of neo-Nazis, and possibly for the same reasons however, I believe that the foolishness of the Knockout Game, boosts neo-Nazi ranks on par with stupidity of government edicts and decrees. I thought that stuff was left behind in the 20th Century. Something, “changed”.


    • In the 1920-30s, the German nazis blamed the very real economic problems in Germany then, not on their real causes, but on immigration of Jews, used as scapegoats.

      United States nazis in the 1930s blamed the problems on Jewish immigration. What a chutzpah, considering that the nazi German-American Bund of then consisted of immigrants and offspring of immigrants themselves.

      The Greek neo-nazis got their chance of becoming a more dangerous party from at least two factors: the disastrous “race to the bottom” economic policy, imposed by the European Union, especially Angela Merkel etc; and the fact that the Greek government and corporate media did not explain the real causes of the economic and social disasters in Greece, but scapegoated refugees from the wars in Afghanistan, Syria. That gave credibility, in the view of politically backward people, to the Golden Dawn nazis, blaming refugees even harder than the government did.


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