Greek doctors persecuted for refusing to collaborate with nazis

This video is called Golden Dawn – Greece.

In the dictatorial monarchy Bahrain, the regime persecutes doctors and nurses for caring for injured people,

The Bahraini absolute monarchy seems to inspire Greek Rightist authorities, who are starting to persecute doctors and nurses as well. Persecuting them for their courageous refusal to collaborate with a racist scheme of the nazi Golden Dawn party.

From I Can’t Relax in Greece blog:



Golden Dawn’s ‘blood donation only for Greeks’ campaign was met with strong resistance of doctors and employees in all of the country’s hospitals who managed to block the carrying out of events of this kind.

However Vaso Sideri-Patlaka, director of the hospital of Samos filed a report against the employees for preventing the blood donation and the prosecutor brought criminal charges against them. The latter has already invited Stamatis Filippis, president of the hospital’s union of employees, and Ourania Apostolou, president of Samos’s medical association, to testify in the preliminary investigation. At least another ten employees are expected to follow.

In Tripoli and Larissa

Employees had decidedly interrupted previous blood donation attempts by the Golden Dawn in Tripoli and in Larissa, where gathered protesters had even thrown bottles at GD members.

These incidents did not escalate any further; contrary to Samos. The employees of Samos hospital believe that it is the director of the hospital and the legal authorities who are responsible. In their announcement they say:

“On the 27th of April 2013 the fascist and neonazi organisation “Golden Dawn” invited its members to contribute to a nationwide blood donation “for Greeks only”, violating once again the existing laws and medical ethics, according to which no racial discrimination is allowed in voluntary blood donations. Golden Dawn showed, once again, its fascist and racist face and revealed its goal to divide the people and the employees on the basis of race, to disorient the employees and the poor strata of society and move them away from the true enemy, who is no other than the large corporations that seek to turn health into a commodity, the shipowners, the bankers, and the big merchants”.

Class forces, health workers’ unions, and those involved in the mass movement reacted together and often, through their joint action, they managed to stop the fascist ‘fiestas’ of the neonazis and did not allow racism in voluntary blood donation as in “for Greeks only”.

The Union of employees of Samos Hospital, taking into account the relevant call from the Federation of public hospital employees and the National Medical Association, requested from the ministry of Health, the National Blood donation Centre, Samos hospital administration, scientists’ unions and the authorities of the island to cancel the racist blood donation and refuse cooperation with nazi Golden Dawn, whose only goal is to divide the people and poison people’s minds and especially the youth’s.

The mass reaction of the people of Samos stopped racist Golden Dawn’s blood donation. After a report from Ms Sideri, Samos hospital’s director, the prosecutor of Samos is conducting preliminary investigations.

The hospital’s administration as well as Samos’s law enforcement authorities, instead of going against those organising racist ‘fiestas’, supposed voluntary blood donations “for Greeks only”, preferred to initiate criminal prosecutions against those who defended the true character of voluntary blood donation”.

Translated from ‘Eleftherotypia’ newspaper, 24/08/2013. Online at:

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