German neo-nazi Islamophobic hooliganism

This video is about the nazi demonstration in Cologne in Germany on 26 October 2014.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Neonazis‘ Cologne protest erupts into violence

Sunday 26th October 2014

A NEONAZI and football hooligan-organised rally through Cologne erupted into widely predicted violence yesterday as marchers hurled bottles and fireworks at police.

Officers responded with water cannon, baton charges and pepper spray to the rioting thugs, who had organised the demonstration in the name of the Hooligans Against Salafists (Hogesa) coalition, which boasts of bringing together “sworn enemies from various football clubs” united by a hatred for Muslims.

Those marching chanted: “National socialism now” and performed nazi salutes, immediately provoking police intervention since nazi slogans and gestures are illegal in Germany. Police had earlier made it clear they would have a “low threshold” for intervention due to fears that the nazis would come into direct conflict with planned counter-demonstrations outside Cologne’s train station and cathedral.

Police said the 2,500-strong demo had been organised by Dominik Roeseler of the far-right Pro NRW party, although promotion for the event on social media did not name a ringleader.

They believe Hogesa, whose exact make-up is unclear but is believed to unite “17 football hooligan groups” with organised neonazism, is partly the work of veteran nazi and football hooligan Siegfried Borchardt, who goes by the nickname SS

Siggi and helped found the violent right-wing Borussenfront football [hooligan] club in the 1980s.

State police union chairman Arnold Plickert said Hogesa was a “new phenomenon” which could be extremely dangerous if “previously warring hooligans develop a common structure.”

The demonstrations of the Patriotic Europeans against Islamisation of the West (Pegida) movement are the product of a systematic campaign being waged by German politicians and media, directed not only against immigrants but against the entire working class: here.

From the onset, the right-wing movement “Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West” (Pegida) was largely manufactured by the establishment parties and the media. Now, government officials are using the mobilization of these far-right mobs to organize a political shift to the right and implement an extremely reactionary programme. In the current issue of news weekly Der Spiegel, former Interior Minister and current Vice-leader of the Union (Christian Democratic Union-Christian Social Union, CDU-CSU), Hans-Peter Friedrich (CSU), embraces the right-wing demonstrators and calls for the adoption of their programme: here.

37 thoughts on “German neo-nazi Islamophobic hooliganism

  1. it would appear that we learn nothing, or is the planet such a self regulating system that we will be wiped out by our sheer stupidity to make way for another life form [ref ; ‘dinosaurs] on a more optimistic note, read ‘Truthdig’ , article ‘ Pakistan’s youth – the light at the end of the tunnel’.


  2. Germany: Police yesterday defended their conduct at Sunday’s far-right Hooligans Against Salafism rally, which saw 49 officers wounded and 17 people arrested.

    Neonazi thugs planned the rally, which eventually attracted 4,000 people, online and started attacking police and bystanders after being “provoked” by the sight of someone wearing a Turkish football shirt.


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