Greek nazi fuehrer arrested

This video is called Greece‘s Golden Dawn leader praises junta dictatorship.

From RTÉ News in Ireland:

Greek far-right Golden Dawn leader arrested

Updated: 08:08, Saturday, 28 September 2013

Greek police say the leader of the far-right Golden Dawn party Nikos Michaloliakos has been arrested on charges of forming a criminal organisation.

Warrants have been issued for a number of other Golden Dawn MPs.

The swoop comes after the murder earlier this month of anti-racist rap musician Pavlos Fyssas.

A man arrested for the stabbing told police he was a supporter of Golden Dawn though the party strongly denies any link.

See also here.

Pakistani-Greek banner at anti-Golden Dawn demonstration

Golden Dawn leader and MPs Arrested: here.

The leader of Greece’s neonazi Golden Dawn party and four other of its MPs have been formally charged with membership of a criminal organisation with intent to commit crimes: here.

Eighteen leading members of Golden Dawn, including the chairman of the party, Nikos Michaloliakos, were arrested and charged with forming a criminal association. In a raid on Michaloliakos’ house, three illegal firearms were confiscated as well as 40,000 euros ($54,000) in cash. Thirty other Golden Dawn members were also arrested: here.

THE leader and four parliamentary deputies of the fascist Golden Dawn party, along with 13 party cadres and two policemen, were arrested on Saturday morning by Greek anti-terror squads and charged with ‘forming a criminal organisation’ which carried out manslaughter, extortion and money laundering, according to the High Court’s Public Prosecutor: here.

In the wake of the arrest of 18 leading members of the fascist party Golden Dawn over the weekend, legal hearings on their detention began Tuesday. The parliamentary deputies and leaders of the party were charged with the formation of a criminal association, manslaughter, grievous bodily harm and blackmail. They were also charged with illegal possession of firearms and explosives, and money laundering: here.

The second in the hierarchy of Golden Dawn also surrendered to the police: here.

Photos after police investigation at the house of Christos Pappas (second in the hierarchy of Golden Dawn): here.

Greek state cracks down on neo-Nazi movement, but questions remain about how willing and able it truly is to stamp out the fascist threat it created: here. And here.

Supreme Court prosecutor begins hearing testimony into 32 cases involving members of neonazi Golden Dawn: here.

Evidence builds against Golden Dawn: here.

The police have released the transcripts of five recent telephone conversations between Golden Dawn members, which reveal the extent of the ultra nationalist party’s criminal activities. In these conversations the Golden Dawn members openly and candidly discuss their involvement in extortion rings, how to contain the crisis in Keratsini and their future targets: here.

Leader of GD Nikaia core group G. Patellis testifies – Golden Dawn MP G. Lagos and Sergeant Veta in police custody awaiting trial: here.

Internal Affairs charged former police commander with not taking necessary actions to stop Golden Dawn: here.

The murder last week of hip-hop musician Pavlos Fyssas by fascist thugs has intensified class tensions in Greece. Thousands have taken to the streets on a daily basis to demonstrate against fascist terror and government attacks on social programs, jobs, wages and pensions. The police have responded with violence, attacking demonstrations and protecting the offices of the fascist Golden Dawn organization. There are open discussions in ruling circles of a possible military coup: here.

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