47 thoughts on “Greece, keep refugees inside concentration camps, European Union says

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  2. 1) 26-28 June Athens: Euro the problem, exit the solution
    2) Greek minister: overturn German EU


    1) Anti-EU Forum Athens

    Call for an International Forum (Athens 26-28/6/2015) and the establishment of a European Co-ordination of Left political parties, popular organisations and social movements fighting for exit from the European Union, the euro and NATO.



    2) Confront, overturn German Europe!
    Groundbreaking interview with Greek minister Lafazanis

    Lafazanis is the most senior exponent of the Left Platform within Syriza and holds decisive governmental office. Together with others like the economist and PM Lavapitsas they seem decided not to back down as other parts of Syriza are prone to.

    A break with the Euro-German creditor’s oligarchy will most likely run through Syriza. An anti-EU liberation front will become necessary comprising all forces determined to defend the popular classes rallying the majority.

    They will need massive international solidarity especially from the anti-systemic forces within the Euro core countries. The International Anti-EU Forum will be the place to forge this European alliance. The Left Platform of Syriza together with all the Greek forces preparing for the Euro exit are preparing this meeting:

    “The pathway of the country away from the crisis goes through tough confrontation, if not collision, with the Germanized Europe. The current Germanized establishment, despite its internal differences, is the most devastating thing for Greece, and more comprehensively, for the entire European continent.

    No “institution”, no blackmailing and no dilemma is going to bury the decade-long struggles of the executive members of SYRIZA, which were given together with the Left and its principles. SYRIZA is not going to be absorbed by the state, and will not become a crutch and manager of the neoliberal “state-fed” Greek capitalism. The soul of SYRIZA is the society and the need for a progressive reconstruction of the country with a socialist horizon.

    The only realism at these critical moments we live in is the overturn.”



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