35 thoughts on “1,652 empty North Kensington, London houses, only 12 Grenfell families rehoused

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    • Indeed. And it can only be remedied by eliminating at least some privileges of the super-rich. Theresa May’s wobbly Conservative-Irish bigot coalition government does not want that. But they may be so wobbly that they will fall.

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  17. Saturday 9th September 2017

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    Party pledges to stop corrupt corporate wealth finding its way into Britain

    by Felicity Collier

    LABOUR has vowed to tackle “dirty money” linked to the racket of foreign ownership of vacant posh properties in Britain.

    Shadow attorney general Shami Chakrabarti announced on Thursday night that the party would introduce a property register in order to prevent corrupt corporate wealth entering the country anonymously.

    The practice sees penthouses standing empty while thousands of people across Britain sleep rough on the streets.

    Labour has also committed to implementing an anti-corruption strategy, following the government’s failure to make good on its 2016 promise to do so by the end of that year.

    Further plans include safeguarding the funding and autonomy of the Serious Fraud Offi ce (SFO), which the Tories intend to strip of its independence.

    Anti-corruption organisation Transparency International UK is monitoring the government’s progress and has highlighted its failure to produce a strategy so far.

    Policy director Duncan Hames described Labour’s proposal as a “major anti-corruption policy” and welcomed the party’s plan for a public register to reveal the true owners of the shady companies holding British properties.

    “We also welcome the call from Baroness Chakrabarti to maintain an independent Serious Fraud Office,” he told the Star.

    Mr Hames said that the organisation has urged the Tories to reconsider their manifesto pledge to incorporate the SFO into the National Crime Agency as this would be a backwards step in the fight against corruption.

    The organisation’s research has identified over £4 billion in what it calls “suspicious wealth” stored in expensive London housing, which it says is mostly owned by companies registered offshore. It wants to see an end to Britain — at the heart of a global web of tax havens — being seen as bolt hole for corrupt money.

    Last year, the government promised that an anti-corruption register would be set up by April 2018, but Transparency International UK said it is not clear where this fi ts in with current legislation.

    Ms Chakrabarti said: “It’s rather embarrassing that nearly 18 months after a summit here in London, the government has failed to do that.

    “This is about our future post-Brexit. We want to be a rule of law capital and not a refuge for dirty money.”


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