12 thoughts on “London Grenfell disaster survivor Joe Delaney interviewed

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  3. Grenfell survivors’ housing costs £21m

    NEARLY £21 million has been spent on housing Grenfell Tower survivors in hotel rooms — enough to build the original block three times over.

    The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea paid out £20.9 million on hotel bills between the fire last June and mid-February, according to council figures published yesterday.

    A further £8m went on financial support for families and individuals who have lost everything, dozens of whom have now spent nine months living in hotels.

    The council has been heavily criticised for the length of time taken to find permanent new homes for the survivors of the west London inferno, which left 71 people dead and hundreds destitute on June 14.

    The local MP, Labour’s Emma Dent Coad, said architects who worked on the surrounding Lancaster West estate during the 1970s estimated it would have cost around £500,000 to build Grenfell Tower.

    The 24-storey block was constructed between 1972 and 1974, meaning that, in today’s money, the sum would be as high as £6.2m — less than a third of the council’s hotel expenditure.

    Ms Dent Coad condemned the findings and called for commissioners to be drafted in to run the council’s rehousing drive.



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