The Phaistos disk, phony or real?

Phaistos disc

From Kris’s Archaeology Blog in the USA:

Is the Phaistos Disk a Hoax?

Friday June 27, 2008

In July of 1908, Italian archaeologist Luigi Pernier was excavating at the Minoan site of Phaistos when he stumbled upon one of the great enigmas of archaeology: The Phaistos Disk.

The Phaistos Disk is a flat circular disk of about 15 centimeters (six inches) in diameter and made of fired clay. Both sides of this disk have been stamped with a series of mysterious symbols that have been compared to various languages over the last century, including at least ten symbols from Linear A, but also other languages from other times and places including Linear B, Proto-Ionian, Anatolian, Semitic, and Indo-European, among many others.

Jerome M. Eisenberg, writing in the July/August issue of the magazine Minerva, provides a compilation of the scholarly (and non-scholarly) ideas about and attempted translations of the disk, and concludes that the disk is a forgery. …

Eisenberg, Jerome M. 2008. The Phaistos Disk: One Hundred Year Old Hoax? Minerva July/August, pp. 9-24.

Linear A and Linear B are scripts; while “Proto-Ionian, Anatolian, Semitic, and Indo-European” are languages, or families of languages.

Minoan style art in ancient Canaan: here.

4 thoughts on “The Phaistos disk, phony or real?

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  3. An interesting point of view.
    An actions report of a manager of the ancient Phaistos commercial center

    The famous Phaistos Disc is a printed, per paragraph, synoptic report of a manager actions from the Phaistos commercial center. The spirals, for technical reasons, are starting with guide the edge of the disc, from the periphery to the center, and the inscription, again for technical reasons, begins reversely.
    The Phaistos Disk, the Column from Abydos, the Rosetta’s Stone, the plate from Egkomi, the plate from the Athena’s sanctuary of the Idalion and the plate of Kortona are some written reports or publications current accounting’s and regulatory acts for the king’s or administration’s or municipality’s informing.!/view.aspx?cid=E39B50D7D9EA3235&resid=E39B50D7D9EA3235%21123&app=WordPdf


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