British Conservative PM Johnson’s racism, parody music

This 15 June 2020 satiric music video from Britain about Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson is called Borissey – Big Mouth Strikes Again (‘Racism Only’ version).

It is a parody of the song by Morrissey – Big Mouth Strikes Again.

It says about itself:

The Prime Minister is right – we must not erase our history.


Libya, Libya I was only joking when I said
You could be like Dubai once you clear away all the dead
Take a joke, Libya

And Africans
Africans, it was just my inimitable style
When I called you piccaninnies with watermelon smiles
Just a bit of humour

And now I know just how those Sikhs felt
Now I know how all those Sikhs felt
When I turned up to their temple
And went mental
And banged on about whisky tariffs

Big mouth, la la la
Big mouth, la la la
Big mouth strikes again
I’ve every right to judge you based
Upon your race

Women in burkas
Women in burkas, it was really nothing when I joshed
That you all look like a letterbox
And a bank robber

And Obama
Obama, I was only joking when I mentioned
That you have an ancestral dislike of the UK
Because you’re Kenyan

And Burma – is it still called Burma?
Burma, I assure you I was only quipping
When I rocked up and recited Kipling

And Jews
Jews, I was only saying it in jest
When I wrote that you control the press
And rig elections

And Papa New Guinea
Papa New Guinea, I was only being playful
When I called you chief-killing cannibals

And Uganda
Uganda, I was only joking when I said…

3 thoughts on “British Conservative PM Johnson’s racism, parody music

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