Big Bahraini pro-democracy demonstration

This Reuters video says about itself:

15 September 2012

Thousands call for democracy in Bahrain

Tens of thousands of protesters flood the streets of Bahrain demanding democracy in the tiny Persian Gulf kingdom. The peaceful march, held under the watchful eye of the state, took over a highway outside the capital Manama. Protesters called on Bahrain’s powerful ruling family to implement what they termed “real democracy”. (SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) ANTI-GOVERNMENT PROTESTER, ABDUL NABI AL HAMAR, SAYING: “The movement in Bahrain will continue and the people will not leave the streets. They are out demanding freedom and democracy and will not back down.” Bahrain, home to a major U.S. naval base, has been in political turmoil since protests – dominated by Shi’ite Muslims – erupted in early 2011. Those were put down with force, but clashes have continued almost daily. Shi’ite protesters complain of being politically and economically marginalized, which the Sunni-led government denies.

Democracy protests hit Saudi Arabia, Bahrain: here.

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