12 thoughts on “American healthcare crisis drives nurses to suicide

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    The conditions in hospitals and clinics are working against both nurses’ mental well-being and the ability of doctors, nurses and other healthcare staff to provide patients with high-quality, attentive patient care. The for-profit healthcare system in America is driven by the principle of squeezing out the most profit possible from its operations. The lives and health of both healthcare workers and patients are subordinated to these profits.


  3. American nurses have to get the expensive schooling. They are the primary care providers, in the american system.

    The administrator of the hospital or health org or insurance company makes millions. Huge bonuses for screwing nurses and other health workers.

    The nurses are treated less than human. Nurses are worked to death. A middle aged RN nurse I knew, was at the same hospital for 10 years. She was nervous because, they were pushing older nurses out, by working them to death and replacing them with foreign nurses.

    The nurse I know got little time off. Forced to do double shifts.
    The nurses son committed suicide. She was barely given enough time, for the funeral. No time off for mourning. One night after a double shift, she took some stock insulin from a cabinet. Not patient insulin. She injected it. She was in a coma for a week. She was in a hospital for a year. They took her Nursing license away. She is now broke and homeless

    The chickenshit hospital administrator with its 6 figure salary and bonuses, was bringing in cheaper philipino RN nurses, to screw the tenured American nurses working there. Subpar Nurses brought in from all over the world . Subpar nurses with subpar degrees, and poor english skills to push out people who sweated blood to and accumulated massive student loans to get RN degrees and State Nursing Licenses.

    There are hospitals completely staffed, by fresh off the boat philipino, east indian and indonesian nurses that do not speak english worth a darn, in this area.



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