Swedish education privatisation failure

This video says about itself:

Why does the privatisation of water matter?

Water privatisation is a terrifying phenomenon, says John Todd. The privatisation of the world’s water resources by multinational corporations results in increased costs and poorer service. Bottled water is also a threat to free water. Big businesses increasingly control access to clean water.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

We should take back our schools, says minister

Tuesday 10th December 2013

Swedish Education Minister admits the country’s failing privatised schools should have bee renationalised

Swedish Education Minister Jan Bjorklund admitted that his government should have renationalised the country’s failing privatised schools seven years ago.

State broadcaster Sveriges Television published figures on Monday showing that 61 per cent of Swedes thought the government should take over, while only 12 per cent disagreed.

Two decades into a controversial free-market experiment about a quarter of Sweden’s secondary school students now attend privately run schools.

And nearly half of them study at schools fully or partly owned by private equity firms.

The collapse of JB Education earlier this year, a firm owned by Danish private equity firm Axcel, cost almost 1,000 staff their jobs and left more than a billion kronor (£92 million) of debt to banks and suppliers, as well as abandoning 11,000 students.

With elections next year, politicians of all stripes are questioning the role of such firms, which are accused of putting profits first with practices like performance-based bonuses to staff and advertising in the capital Stockholm’s underground system.

“I think we have had too much blind faith that more private schools would guarantee greater educational quality,” said parliamentary education committee head and education spokesman for the ruling Moderate party Tomas Tobe.

The “Moderate party” are the conservatives in Sweden.

The opposition Green Party, which like the Moderates was a long-time supporter of privately run schools, issued a public apology in a Swedish paper last month saying: “forgive us, our policy led our schools astray.”

Last week’s international Pisa education rankings saw Sweden drop below the average for maths, reading and natural sciences across the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

The revelation has left many keen to reintroduce the nationalised schooling system that was abolished in 1991.

The Pisa results found that Sweden had fallen faster and harder than all other 32 countries measured and performed particularly badly in mathematics over a 10-year period.

The report prompted scathing criticism from Swedish teachers’ union Lararforbundet.

“We’re losing ground on all fronts and find ourselves in a very precarious position,” Lararforbundet president Eva-Lis Siren said.

“A lack of equality is the price Sweden has paid as a result of free choice.”It’s been easier to start an independent school than set up a hot-dog stand.”

SWEDISH politicians who inspired Michael Gove’s [British] schools revolution have turned their backs on education privateers — but stubborn Tories yesterday insisted the free-schools programme is a success: here.

CNN Panelist Kills School Privatization Arguments: here.

The International Youth and Students for Social Equality (Sri Lanka) urges workers and students to oppose the John Kotelawala National Defence University (KDU) bill presented by Sri Lanka’s defence minister to parliament. The legislation is a further move toward the privatisation of higher education and increased militarisation of the country: here.

37 thoughts on “Swedish education privatisation failure

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  3. FREE schools have become the most feared Swedish export since the Vikings.

    Former education secretary Michael Gove based many of his hated reforms on Sweden’s for-profit school sector.

    And British teachers are set to receive a warning from across the waters about the pillage of the country’s schools from a senior Swedish teacher.

    Teachers’ union Lararforbundet official Linda Norrby will explain to a Sertuc education conference how the system left 10,000 children without school places last year and saw national results slump.

    Anti-Academies Alliance chair Bridget Chapman said: “The introduction of the profit-motive into the Swedish education system has been deeply problematic and has led to a reduction in standards.

    “We want to learn some lessons from Sweden before the same thing happens here. ”

    The Swedish Lessons conference will take place on Saturday February 7 at TUC Congress House. Email sertuc@tuc.org.uk for details.



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  14. Dame on the make?

    NINETY-THREE per cent of British children go to state schools but the very highest education award in the New Year’s honours list was a Damehood for Helen Fraser, outgoing Chief Exec of the Girls Day School Trust (GDST), a network of 26 private schools.

    GDST is merely posh rather than full-on elite, with typical schools charging £5,000 a term for non-boarding pupils.

    Maybe GDST parents are what May means when she talks about the Just About Managing. The trust makes £254 million a year in fees, with a £250,000 salary going to their highest-paid director — presumably Fraser.

    This is apparently a “service to education” deserving a “Dame Commander” award. Fraser’s trust likes to boast about bursaries — and gets charitable status in return — but only one in five pupils get “assistance” with fees.



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