10 thoughts on “‘Stop Bill Gates’ substandard private schools in Africa’

  1. Well. If the cost is too high , then as we suffer here in America they too may have to use the public system .. Gates give more money away in a week then most make in a lifetime. Should every single thing be free? I’d like to send my kids to private school but could not afford it . It seems like the inmates are running the asylum . Last week Black Lives Matter leaders chanted ” take all the while mother F#@kers money from them . Let’s take what we deserve . They don’t feel they should do anything..nothing . This entitlement crap is getting old Maybe Gates should pull the plug on it for a year ..sometimes people don’t realize what they havev until ird gone..


    • That public education should be free used to be the view of both Democrats and Republicans in the USA until recently. Now, billionaire Betsy DeVos of the Trump administration is in a lobby group which wants to privatize education, and have children from familes who cannot afford that work in coal mines:


      Gates and the other billionaires don’t ‘give money away’ to the Bridge schools; it is an investment in a for profit business paid by poor African parents.

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      • First of all..im no investment consultant, but I’m guessing Bill could do slightly better with his zillions then the 6 dollar per day tuition …lol..perhaos 10k times better. Clearly he’s not in it for the cash. Also if actually read the schools side they are saying it is totally sanitary and safe..Why would Uganda make bullshit need up like they are about unsanitary conditions.? I’m guessing if given the choice teachers and students would rather live there then home. It stinks of more entitlement


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