After billionaires’ substandard schools, now Amazon billionaire’s substandard healthcare?

This video from the USA says about itself:

Why It’s Time For Amazon Workers To Unionize

22 April 2018

Amazon warehouse workers are peeing in bottles instead of being punished for taking bathroom breaks.

Read more here.

Bridge International Academies (BIA) is a for profit private education corporation.

BIA schools are mainly in poor African countries. They stand accused of being in substandard unhygienic buildings, leaving education to unqualified ‘teachers’ and ripping off the usually poor pupils’ parents.

BIA is bankrolled by some of the world’s richest men, including Bill Gates who used to be the world’s richest man.

Another billionaire investor in this for-profit education scheme is Mark Zuckerberg, the boss of Facebook.

Apart from his activities in social media, social media censorship and social media privacy scandals, Mr Zuckerberg dabbles in health care as well. He donated money to a hospital in San Francisco in the USA. That hospital was then renamed Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital. The nurses of that hospital are furious because people might associate the hospital with Facebook’s scandals. They want a name change.

Another billionaire dabbles in health care as well: the richest man in the world, now that Bill Gates is no longer the richest:‘s Jeff Bezos. The world’s richest Bezos treats Amazon workers like shit. Pay is so low that some workers end up being homeless. Many Amazon workers get serious health problems due to bad conditions at work.

Now, today, Dutch NOS TV reports that Bezos will be starting private hospitals for Amazon workers. First in Seattle in the USA, later possibly elsewhere. They say (translated):

In January Bezos started with Amazon, investment bank J.P. Morgan Chase and mega-company Berkshire Hathaway of the extremely wealthy investor Warren Buffett a private health care company …

The aim of the company is to reduce healthcare costs, at least for the more than 1.1 million employees of the three companies.

Looking at the precedent of Bridge International Academies billionaires’ for-profit education, one should be a bit wary about Jeff Bezos‘ private health care. Wouldn’t it be better to improve Amazon workers’ conditions, making them less ruinous for their health? ‘Reduce healthcare costs’: how? By hiring unqualified low paid ‘doctors’ and ‘nurses’, as unqualified and low paid as BIA ‘teachers’? By administering cheap substandard ineffective medicine? Etc.

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