24 thoughts on “Amazon treats injured Spanish worker like shit

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  22. Strike threat by Spanish Amazon workers

    Amazon workers at the Spanish San Fernando de Henares logistic center are threatening to strike in the run-up to the busy winter holiday season. The proposed strike dates are November 23 (to coincide with the Amazon Black Friday event), November 24, December 7, 9, 15 and 30 and January 3.

    The strikes are to protest the expiry of a previous agreement covering overtime rates, pay increases and sickness benefits. The Stalinist-led CGT union said the planned strike depended on support from the CSIT and UGT unions.

    Workers first struck the plant in March for 48 hours for a new collective agreement. The plant, established in 2012, employs 2,000, with 1,100 workers on fixed contracts. At the end of 2017, Amazon workers in Italy and six German sites came out over pay and conditions.


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