Swedish nurse distressed by coronavirus disaster

This 1 December 2020 video is called Why Sweden’s anti-lockdown strategy did not work in the COVID-19 fight | 60 Minutes Australia.

Translated from Rolien Créton, Scandinavia correspondent of Dutch NOS radio, 18 December 2020:

Intensive Care units in Stockholm are raising the alarm. They are overburdened by a serious shortage of staff. Many Swedish IC nurses quit after the first wave. “I have colleagues who are being treated for post-traumatic stress disorder,” says nurse Angelica Enqvist. “It’s hard to keep this up.”

After the summer, the Swedish health authority predicted that the worst was over and that Sweden would be spared a heavy second wave. But the number of infections is increasing rapidly in Sweden. The country has had a different coronavirus policy from the start than other countries, with retail, hospitality and schools remaining open. …

Angelica Enqvist works night shifts and feels a growing discomfort. “Images emerge from the first wave, when the situation was worst. I can wake up and be afraid that I have forgotten something.”

Due to the shortage of personnel, choices have to be made constantly. “Then we focus, for example, on medicine and the replenishment of pumps. But, eg, we do not have time to care for lying wounds. There is also no contact with family anymore, only when a patient is dying. I am anxious. Afraid of getting infected myself and infecting my family. I have two small children.”

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