Brazilian coronavirus denialist Bolsonaro gets COVID-19

This 24 June 2020 video says about itself:

Coronavirus Is Killing Brazil and Bolsonaro Still Doesn’t Think There’s a Problem

Brazil has the second-highest coronavirus death rate in the world, after the United States. VICE News’ Seb Walker traveled from Rio de Janeiro to the remote regions of the Amazon to show the impact of COVID-19 and government inaction on some of Brazil’s most vulnerable populations.

Translated from Dutch NOS radio today:

Brazilian President Bolsonaro has coronavirus symptoms. A coronavirus test was taken on him, the result of which is expected later today.

Bolsonaro, 65, says he has, eg a 38-degree centigrade fever. According to Brazilian media, he is also given the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine. All his appointments for this week have been canceled.

So, hydroxychloroquine. Apparently, Bolsonaro believes himself in his propaganda quackery about that non-working ‘cure’, recommended by Bolsonaro’s fellow science denialist Donald Trump. If, as is predictable, that ‘miracle’ drug will not help, then Bolsonaro might try another ‘cure’ prescribed by Trump: injection with bleach.

Brazil is one of the most affected countries with over 1.6 million coronavirus infections and more than 65,000 deaths. Bolsonaro regularly opposes measures to prevent the spread of the virus. A judge also had to force him to wear a face mask in public.

NOS radio also reports that the mayor of Atlanta city in the USA, Ms Keisha Lance Bottoms, has become infected. And so have at least six students at Enschede university in the Netherlands.

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