Dutch Sabine Wassink’s treadmill marathon world record

Sabine Wassink during her world record treadmill marathon, photo by RTV Oost

So, though most sport has been cancelled because of coronavirus … besides online cycling, and online tennis and other sports … there still is marathon running.

Translated from Dutch NOS radio today:

Rijssense woman runs marathon world record on treadmill

Sabine Wassink (30) from Rijssen, Overijssel, has broken the marathon world record on the treadmill. The athlete covered the 42 kilometers and 195 meters in her backyard in a time of 3 hours, 12 minutes and 5 seconds. That’s almost 3 minutes faster than the old record set by an US American woman.

Wassink had prepared well for the marathon, which was immediately her first. That debut was initially planned for last year’s Rotterdam marathon, but then an injury threw a spanner in the works. When this year’s edition was canceled due to the corona crisis, she decided not to wait any longer.

“I trained like that and would like to close the book in this way,” Wassink told RTV Oost. It turned out to be easier said than done.

Neighbours with a parasol

“It was really tough,” Wassink sighs after her performance. “I went really well up to 32 kilometers. Then I thought: another ten kilometers and I have it. Well, in the last ten kilometers I hit a wall every five minutes. I even got off the tire once. I got a lump in my throat, got emotional and really had to pick myself up.”

The burning sun made running extra difficult. “That was not fully planned. Last week we looked at how the sun was and then I would have run in the shade. But the sun is now a bit higher in the sky, so I no longer ran in the shade. Fortunately, dear neighbors made a parasol available very quickly. ”

Red Cross

With her record, Wassink has entered the Guinness World Records book. In addition, she has raised money for the Red Cross. The amount of the proceeds will be announced later when all donations have been received. The athlete does not rule out that she will run a second marathon this year, but preferably on the road.

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