Footballers against racist police violence

This video from the USA is called Megan Rapinoe Kneels During USWNT [the United States women’s national soccer team] Match National Anthem v. Thailand – September 15, 2016.

Like American football player Colin Kaepernick before her, Ms Rapinoe knelt as a protest against discrimination in the USA.

This caused venomous attacks on Ms Rapinoe by Donald Trump and Rupert Murdoch. The United States soccer bosses, cowards like their American football counterparts, reacted by banning anti-racist protests.

Recently, the international football (soccer) association FIFA decided that footballers should not be punished for kneeling against racist police violence.

And United States soccer bosses may follow suit.

This 9 June 2020 video from the USA is called US Soccer considers rescinding the kneeling ban.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain today:

Men’s Football: Mikel Arteta supports Arsenal players in protesting against racial injustice

ARSENAL manager Mikel Arteta was proud of his players for their support of the Black Lives Matter campaign ahead of their friendly with Brentford on Wednesday.

The Gunners wore t-shirts with a variety of messages on them, such as “I can’t breathe”, “My skin is not a crime” and “I’m not black but I stand with you”, in support of the protests going on around the world.

They also took a knee before kick-off, a symbolic way to show support, popularised by American football player Colin Kaepernick, which is also being reviewed by Olympic organisers.

Giants Jewish manager Gabe Kapler kneels during National Anthem.

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