No vaccines in Ukraine, rabbi dies

This January 2018 video says about itself:

OUTBREAK: Vaccination Shortage in Ukraine Leads to Return of Forgotten Diseases

Ukraine is struggling with another scourge. The absence of childhood vaccinations is bringing back to the country seemingly forgotten diseases.

In Ukraine today, there apparently is money to indoctrinate children with neo-nazi ideology … but no money to inoculate them against the crippling disease polio.

In Ukraine today, it seems that the money goes to bloody war, to the billionaire oligarchs and to useless expensive foreign advisers like Tony Blair, rather than to healthcare for Ukrainian people.

Kudos to the doctors and others who scored important anti-polio victories. Everywhere in the world, it seems, except in Ukraine. In many countries in Asia, Africa and South America, there are traditionally many poor people who often cannot afford health care. Yet, it seems that even in these poor countries the situation (like in Somalia, suffering from war) is better now than in Ukraine. And than in Afghanistan, ‘liberated’ by George W Bush in 2001, also now one of few countries where there still is polio.

From the Jewish Telegraph Agency, 28 December 2018:

Rabbi’s death from flu in Ukraine has community in panic

An Israeli rabbi living in Ukraine died of an infectious flu virus, raising fears that other members of his community there may also be infected.

Rabbi Israel Pinto, owner of the kosher Orot Hotel in the central Ukrainian city of Uman, died Wednesday in Israel, where he was flown after being hospitalized with acute pneumonia in Uman and later Odessa, the haredi Orthodox news site Ch10 reported Thursday.

Some 80 Jewish families, most of them Israeli, live in Uman. Followers of the Breslov Hasidic movement, they moved into the impoverished city because it is believed to be the burial site of Rabbi Nachman, an 18th-century luminary who founded their religious stream. …

“The situation is very chaotic now, the entire community is in panic”, Rabbi Yaakov Djan, an Uman-based rabbi affiliated with the Breslov movement, wrote following Pinto’s death to Israel’s Health Ministry. He sent an urgent request that Israel send 300 flu vaccines to Ukraine for the Uman community.

It looks like the flu vaccine situation in Ukraine is as bad as the polio vaccine situation, due to ‘free market’ ‘reforms’ in healthcare.

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