COVID-19 second wave in Israel, Palestine

This 24 March 2020 video is called Israel’s COVID-19 patient #65 speaks to i2NEWS from hospital: “It is not a joke“.

Translated from Dutch NOS radio today:

Israel recorded the highest number of new infections yesterday since the start of the coronavirus outbreak. 1107 new cases were added, the Ministry of Health in Jerusalem reports. The day before, there were 967. The previous record was April 3, when 819 new cases were counted.

This is why stricter rules have been in force since 08:00 this morning. Eg, up to fifty people may gather at event locations, in restaurants and in places of worship. For other indoor occasions, including at home, a maximum number of twenty people applies. …

In the West Bank, a five-day lockdown begins today. The Palestinian Authority announced this on Wednesday, also in view of the increasing number of infections. All shops are closed for the time being, except supermarkets and pharmacies.

Netanyahu admits Israel reopened ‘too soon’ after surge of COVID diagnoses.

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