Dutch bosses neglect workers’ coronavirus safety

This 15 July 2020 video from the USA says about itself:

‘You didn’t answer the question’ — Betsy DeVos couldn’t justify Trump’s push to reopen schools nationwide this fall.

Translated from Dutch NOS radio today:

About one in five workers say that their boss is increasingly lax with the coronavirus rules. This is evident from a survey that Maurice de Hond conducted among 2500 workers on behalf of the [Christian ‘moderate’] trade union federation CNV. Especially workers in industry (29 percent), ICT (24 percent) and in healthcare (24 percent) see that their employers no longer take the rules too closely.

“The number of coronavirus infections is increasing faster than ever worldwide. Since July 1, 2.5 million new coronavirus cases have been added. In Spain, two regions have again locked down. So the danger is far from over,” said CNV chairman Piet Fortuin. “In this light, it is strange that so many employers are now dealing more laxly with coronavirus rules. We call on them to continue to adhere to the guidelines.”

Nearly one in five employees say they do not feel safe at work because of COVID-19. 29 percent of those who work for national government feel unsafe. This is 35 percent in health care and 21 percent in education.

3 thoughts on “Dutch bosses neglect workers’ coronavirus safety

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